Comics legend Marie Severin has passed away at age 89 after suffering a stroke.

Severin was a mainstay of both the legendary EC Comics period (her brother John was an illustrator there) and more importantly at the Marvel Bullpen, where she was an artist and colorist for decades. She particularly excelled at Not Brand Echh – she was a talented caricaturist  – but her Hulk and Doctor Strange work and outstanding coloring has influenced every following generation as well.

As one of the few prominent women in superhero comics of the era – and one of the most talented artists period – Severin was an icon to younger women, a status cemented by her robust good nature and sense of humor.

I was fortunate to meet Marie many times in the 90s local comics scene, an interaction I shall always treasure. She was a hero to me growing up, and one of the heroes who lived up to all the hype.

Severin had lived in assisted living for the last few decades. She was inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame in 2001 – and I’m pretty certain she was thefirst woman to be inducted.

Irene Vartanoff, a fellow Bullpenner, broke the news on her FB page. 

You may also enjoy James Romberger’s appreciation here.

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I dare you to find a better color page in the history of comics. 




  1. I remember some 20-25 years ago Marie was doing a panel at Heroes Con. They had her and the other person on the panel on a raised stage and unwisely placed her chair too far to the back. When she sat down the chair fell off that 18 inch height and she fell flat on her back. I was amazed, even then, that she was able to get up and keep going. What an amazing woman. I wish I had something meaningful to say about her and her career, but she is beyond my ken. Just glad to have been a fan.

  2. A wonderful artist, colorist *and* a mainstay of Marvel production; what an incredible career.

    I noticed a biography of her was written in 2012: “Marie Severin: The Mirthful Mistress of Comics” by Dewey Cassell (with artwork by Severin). There are a lot of good reviews of it over on Amazon, if you’re interested.

  3. Her Hulk is still my favorite version. And her humorous drawings for “Not Brand Echh” were also superb.

  4. check out the cover of captain America #128, which shows captain America riding his motorcycle punching out one of “satan’s angels” (guess marvel didn’t want to get any grief from the hell’s angels). anyway, it’s a marie severin cover that just plain kicks ass. just so sad that almost all the creators of the silver age are no longer with us. so much of the art (and stories) from that period is just fantastic. arguably the most creative period in comics history.

  5. As your neighbor on Senator St Brooklyn, I remember the kind and giving person you were. Although years have passed, memories of you have never faded.

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