Frontman of seminal Psychobilly rock band, The Cramps.


  1. I hung out with Lux and Ivy one afternoon, about 20 years ago. At the time they were in the process of buying some men’s magazine cover painting from a friend of mine. Lux and Ivy were dressed in to civilian clothing (and probably would have been completely unrecognizable to Cramps fans) I think they mentioned that they were school teachers by day – :) They told me some highly amusing stories about the practical difficulties one encounters doing live stage performances (mostly complaining about the disrespect they get from some people who work in clubs). These guys were cool/easy going, friendly and down to earth. They showed me absolutely none of the “attitude” one might expect from “rock stars”.

  2. I just can’t believe it. The Cramps were a staple in the punk/goth (yes goth. Goths love the Cramps) scene that I grew up in. Lux was THE MAN and Ive was (still is) THE WOMAN. I can’t tell you how shocked I am. I’ll be playing my Cramps RECORDS all day, and for the kids I teach this afternoon. This is the day psychobilly died.

  3. Very sad indeed…no other band had as big of an impact on impressionable 13-year-old me. They were sort of a gateway drug into a world of weird old rock ‘n’ roll singles, pulp paperbacks, grade-Z monster movies, you name it. And I can’t think of any other frontman/woman with Lux’s intensity and crazed abandon.

    I feel worse for Ivy than Lux…while 60 is way too young to check out, the man lived a king’s life.