blinded by the light

Is it just me, or do Jack and Kate become more unlikeable every episode where they are spotlighted?

Let’s talk about them and some swerves from “The Little Prince” after the jump. There will be SPOILERS, so if you don’t want to know what happened tonight or you live some place where they don’t show the episode Wednesday night, read at your own peril. Thanks.

I have to admit up front, this episode did not do much for me, despite all the “surprises” pulled out at the end of the episode.

I think we all knew Jin was still alive, but I didn’t think we’d see him this soon. His being rescued by Rousseau and her crew in the late 1980s (87?88?) was a nice surprise. Maybe it’s me, but I always got the impression she had been on the island for a long time (i.e., longer than 17 years than the message indicated). It’s hard to imagine the baby-faced pregnant young scientist turning into the Jungle Warrior Rousseau of Season One.

It appears that if you’re got a lot of time logged on the island, you get the nosebleed. Does that add fuel to the fire that Charlotte and Miles may have been born or raised on the island? And Juliet’s been there a while, working for the Others in their fertility clinic. Is Faraday exempt because he met his constant?

“Sun’s Got a Gun.” Prediction: She takes a shot at Ben and hits Kate or Hurley.

So, the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Private team-up is called “a crossover event?” Let’s hope it’s received better than SECRET INVASION or FINAL CRISIS?

On first glance, that bottle of ketchup Aaron had looked like a bottle of pills. Count me as one of the people who finally thought we might get an explanation of what’s wrong with the kid.

The appearance of Claire’s mother wasn’t much of a surprise, but her lack of involvement in the DNA testing was a nice left turn. And the lawyer working for Ben was seemingly predicted by many folks on the net.

I assume “weepy Sawyer” stirred the loins of many of the female (and some male) viewers out there. I admit that I didn’t remember that Kate was the one that delivered Claire’s baby. Maybe her ending up with Aaron isn’t so wrong after all.

Sadly, the Hatch light flashback did not lead to a cameo from Boone. Too bad.

To whom do the outriggers belong? An Indian airline? More castaways?

How did episode co-writer BKV not have Sawyer make a Hawaii Five-0 reference in those boats?

Nitpick: What items do or do not accompany the time jumpers when the bright light hits? When they jumped during the boat chase, I expected them to find themselves in the middle of the ocean with no boat?

When they came on-shore, anyone else expecting them to find the four-toed statue?

Where’s Vincent? Inquiring minds want to know.

Is Jin in the same time as Locke and the others?

Next Week: Locke goes down the rabbit hole?

posted by Mark Coale


  1. I agree… This episode didn’t have enough bang for the buck. I’m a bit late to the party so it all seems slow… but this one was really slooow.

  2. The boat came along thanks to the same principles that allowed Faraday, Frogurt and extras to make it back to shore after Ben turned the wheel: they were in and moving, so it came with them. Presumably, this may mean the Zodiac is now trapped in the first time period they flashed back to!

  3. After last weeks major revelations and speculation-fodder, I kind of expected less this week – you gotta take some time to set stuff up, y’know? And yes, I did expect to see the giant foot. Too bad.

  4. I’m pretty sure Locke and co are indeed in the same time frame as Jin, the stuff that washed up on the shore they were looking at was in French as I recall, because that was the immediate tell that they were in Rousseau’s shipwreck time.

  5. Ditto. This one is for the sponsors. Filler space for the series. I wanted more out of this episode. For every Simpson season, there will be a few Lisa episodes. Kate and Jack are really getting on my nerves. Druggie Jack seemed more fleshed out as a character. What’s with Sad Sack Sawyer, is he going to make the moves on Juliet?

  6. I agree that this episode felt lacking. Like most BKV episodes, this one was riddled with some cool sci-fi shit and a few punches of his humor, but it felt bogged down with “well we need to get this out of the way this episode” moments that are probably beyond his and his co-writer’s control. The producers have stated they want to fix the separation of the group as soon as possible.

    “Charlotte and Miles may have been born or raised on the island?”
    It was been pretty hardcore implied last season Charlotte was born on the island (“I’m looking for where I was born”), and the chances of Miles not being Pierre Chang’s baby are slim as hell. Not to mention they hinted at that this episode, too. Faraday’s explanation that the onset of the time clogging is effected by how long someone’s stayed or been in contact with the island is fitting perfectly.

    Rousseau and crew’s arrival on the island fits the timeline well. The sickness that killed her group is most likely the result of the Purge, and I’m betting we’re going to be seeing a bit of it.

  7. > The sickness that killed her group is most likely
    > the result of the Purge

    I didn’t think about that. Good call.

    > Locke’s pretty okay with, like, dying and all.

    No kidding. He must know something or be incredibly trusting of the island. Poor guy never had much of an opportunity to enjoy being “leader of the Others.”

    I didn’t hate this one, but I think most LOST fans are more excited about a Rousseau episode. Plus, Jack and Kate need to find another level besides “melodrama binge-and-purge.”

  8. I think Charlotte is Ben’s childhood friend on the island. Miles is probably Marvin Candle’s son. Prior to Ben and the Others’ decimation of the Dharma Initiative, somebody caught on and got the children off the island. Or maybe Richard felt the children should be spared. The girl with the rifle back in 1954 is Eloise (Widmore called her “Ellie,” something I caught in the rerun last night). And I may be the slow training coming on this, but all those whispered voices in earlier seasons are the time-hoppers. Am I the only one who misses Jack’s beard?

  9. I dropped Lost mid-season three, and I find it fascinating that reading posts like this now seem like reading another language. I don’t have a clue who or what anyone is talking about. Neat.

  10. Re: Kevin– It’s just Soap Opera for the Nerdarati. Only instead of booze, adultery and the unexpected familial links peppering up the various plots…
    you got the Dharma Iniative, time-travel, and the unexpected familial links
    complicating the various plots. Just as needlessly complex and overwrought as your typical Soap (ie, why didn’t the Losties just TALK to each other to avoid weeks of plot-spinning?), and just as dense and confusing to the unitiated. (But thank ABC that there’s that ‘LOST: For Dummies’ repeat before the new episode!)

    Reminds me of overhearing my sister discsussing the whole GENERAL HOSPITAL “Luke and Laura” shennaningans way back when, and wondering WTF? was she talking about.

  11. Jack started out badass but since season 2 on he’s been on a rocketship to planet dickhead. Same with Kate– only in her case, I blame the writers for sidelining her. She was supposed to be a Leader, not a mommy surrogate for Sacred Baby #672 (a trope I frankly find a little stale). It irritates me how many women have died on this show; for every dead male cast member you can stack the women up like cordwood.

    Funny how Sawyer stopped sucking altogether once he offed Cooper… And he pairs VERY nicely with Juliet. More second-stringer episodes, please! I could go ’till the series ends without suffering another Jackisode.

  12. If I had to guess right now, I’d say the sickness was either radiation sickness from the bomb or some gas attack by the Others. (remember, Ben’s chemical weapon station that Charlotte and Daniel went after)