Canadian artist Clément Sauvé (1977-2011) has died at the tragically young age of 33 after a battle with cancer. He entered comics working as an assistant to Yanick Paquette but made his own mark with pencils on projects including G.I Joe, JLA Secret Files, Stormwatch, and the fondly remembered Human Defense League. Most recently he had been working in character design.
Remembrances are already coming in from: Meredith McLaren

I was lucky enough years ago to attend a workshop he presented at SCAD. Not only was I struck by the crisp beauty of his work, but also the quiet confidence and humility he carried himself with.

Stuart Immonen

You meet a lot of people at the convention table, and you try to do right by them for a few minutes. It’s hard to remember that after you part, they might take that encounter back into their own lives, that it might make a difference for good or ill. I wish that Clément had had more opportunity to influence others in that way, to become a mentor befitting his talent. He had more to give than 33 years.

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Our condolences to his friends and family.


  1. What a shock to learn about Clement’s passing away. What a shock. Never got tne opportunity to see the man in person but exchanged e-mails frequently.
    All around nice person and a very talented one to boot. So, so young, Clement. I will greatly miss you and your wonderful work.

    RIP, Clement.

  2. Egads. What a sad final message on Deviant Art:

    “1/1/2011 – Hey guys, sorry that I haven’t been fast and generous with the replies lately, but I’m dealing with personal health issues and spending very little time online. Hopefully I’ll be able to post new things soon, until then, thank you all again for the support and comments, and happy new year!”

  3. Clem is one of those rare human beings who actually makes the rest of us step up our game after we’ve met or interacted with him. An immense talent to be certain, but good lord his best work was still ahead of him and I just knew he’d break incredibly big someday. Truth be told, he was always big (at least to me) and he will be sorely missed. R.I.P., my friend. You’re one of the best artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling friend.

  4. He was one of the nicest people I think I have had to pleasure to meet. He will be sorely missed as an artist and as a mentor to all.

  5. I’m EXTREMELY sad to read this news…
    I’ve never met Clément Sauvé but purchased several books pencilled by him. More recently I discovered his blog page and then his deviantart profile. I was always in AWE… wishing I could design half as well as he did. I will miss him.

  6. My heart is so heavy with this news. Clem had amazing talent. Pantheon City (an unfinished miniseries that may never see the light of day) was an incredible world of architecture and robots that filled me with wonder and amazement. He was struggling like all flegling artists to make his mark, but I never doubted that he would suceed and succeed brilliantly. To have such potential, only to have it cut tragically short…. the world is a sadder place without him. He will be sorely missed by his friends and fans.

  7. I just stumbled on his DA page today, man I remember when he showed us how he went over his pencils on the back of the page if the front didnt turn out like he wanted… Just a great guy from the little time we shared with him.