Photo courtesy Mark Evanier

Carolyn Kelly, a cartoonist and daughter of Pogo creator Walt Kelly, passed away following a lengthy battle with cancer this weekend, as reported by her longtime companion, Mark Evanier:

A truly lovely person left us last night around 10 PM. Carolyn Kelly was, as many of you know, the daughter of the great cartoonist Walt Kelly, creator of the newspaper strip, Pogo. She was also a cartoonist in her own right and some years after his death when the strip was revived for a time, she briefly drew her father’s greatest creation. I occasionally said that she was his greatest co-creation but she thought that was excessive and asked me to stop saying it.

Though she dabbled in other cartooning and in animation, most of her artistic endeavors were in the area of book design. In 2011, she united those skills with a passionate desire to see her father’s work properly preserved and made available. That was when she began working on the award-winning series from Fantagraphics Books that is reprinting that glorious feature.

Carolyn was the co-editor of Fantagraphics Pogo reprint series, and worked extensively to update the artwork when necessary; a fourth volume will come out later this year and appear regularly after that.

Our condolences to Mark and everyone who knew Carolyn.



  1. Probably shouldn’t have cut and paste that one part about calling her his greatest co-creation. That’s all Mark

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