By Todd Allen

The story circulating is that Ridley Scott started out looking to do a prequel to Aliens and the story turned into its own universe.  Whatever the connection to Alien is or isn’t, the Prometheus trailer does have a bit of the claustrophobic Alien look and feel.  Have a look.


  1. Wow, nice. And Ridley knows how to tell a story, so this should be a good one. I admire his use of camera and lighting too. And in 3D. Wow again.

  2. That big astronomers chair from Alien which Giger designed was there, I wonder how it all ties in to Aliens and this new story.

  3. I watched the original ALIEN again a couple of months ago, and there are a *ton* of things from that movie on display in the PROMETHEUS trailer. I’m not sure why they’re being so coy about whether or not it is a prequel.

  4. The entire premise of Prometheus (or at least when it was first announced) was “Who or what was in that astronomers chair in Alien?” so that’s the whole point of this movie. Not sure how much it’s changed as the movie progressed…

    I think Ridley feels the Aliens franchise has been so compromised with Alien: Resurrection and AVP/AVP:R, that he’s trying to sell this movie on it’s own strengths.

    I’m also torn with prequels and the fact that costumes, technology, etc. look way more advanced than the movie they’re “prequelling”. Everything is so slick here, which I love, but it really clashes with the type of clunky tech we saw in Alien. Which I realize was simply a product of it’s time.