By Todd Allen

Brian Wood used to be known as a Vertigo writer.  Axel Alonso used to be known as a Vertigo editor.  When Wood’s time at Vertigo ended, did you think Brian and Axel might have a chat?  Maybe.

Wood is about to do something a little unusual.  As of June, he will be the ongoing writer of both X-Men (#30) and Ultimate Comics X-Men (#13).  What they said in Ghostbusters about not crossing the streams?  Well, he just crossed them.  David Lopez will provide the art for X-Men and Paco Medina will provide the art for Ultimate Comics X-Men. Can we now agree that Wood landed on his feet?

Also in June, Thunderbolts changes its title to “The All New Dark Avengers” with issue #175.  The creative team is still Jeff Parker, Declan Shalvey & Kev Walker, but now Luke Cage is in charge of the recently incarcerated “Dark Avengers” squad and we’ll see what his level of compassion is for a group that tried to snuff him out in the recent past.

Finally, Dale Eaglesham is joining Jeff Parker as the new artist on Hulk.  The new story arc will involve the return of the Mayan gods (hey, its 2012) and the Red Hulk will have A-Bomb, Alpha Flight, Machine Man and the She-Hulks in tow.

Some art?  Funny you should ask about that…


  1. You need to change the title of this article – it reads like Wood is now writing Dark Avengers. And I was ready to be pissed! haha… Parker’s take is AMAZING!

    Hulk on the other hand (despite two greater creators in Parker and Eaglesham) has just failed to grab me. I don’t want to read about Red Hulk. Now if it was Bruce – and regular, non hulk, Betty. I’d be giving it a go! :(