Long time Beat readers know that we worship cartoonist Rick Veitch here (and not just because he was the Beat’s first webpublisher back at Comicon.com.) His work on Swamp Thing and Vertigo work Army at Love show why. And his sadly aborted Heroica universe – the masterpieces Brat Pack and The Maximortal – is right up there with Alan Moore and Frank Miller for eviscerating superhero tropes, and are way nastier than either.


As a member of the Self Publishing Greatest Generation in the 90s, Veitch put out a comic called Rare Bit Fiends that featured comics based on his dreams.  This is a strange little subgenre of comics that, recently, Jesse Reklaw and David B have worked in, and of course, Winsor McCay pioneered it with Little Nemo. Nemo blamed too much Welsh Rarebit for his vivid  dreams, hence the name Rare Bit Fiends for Veitch’s dream expose, which ran for 21 issues back in the 90s. Now, just in time for Christmas, it’s BACK with the first new issue in 20 years! It’s available now via Amazon.

Veitch spends most of his time these days on Eureka Comics, an educational comics company, but he also recently published Super Catchy, a super weird little book of….well, superhero one page gags? insights?  portraits? It’s hard to categorize.




  1. Just a minor thing, but I think Veitch named it after McKay’s Dream Of The Rarebit Fiend, which was produced concurrently with Little Nemo In Slumberland.

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