ShaolinCorey Lewis has posted more infor on his new Zuda series in his LJ with some nice concept art:

Doesn’t mean it’s a story about a world of zombies that are plagued by a “human” virus (although that… would be… cool… FUCK!). ANYWAY, my story deals with your standard zombie virus, but, unlike most all other zombie stories, Dead in the Now is about a person who finds the FIRST “root” zombie, and decides HIMSELF to let the usher in the catastrophe of allowing the undead lay claim to the world. Of course, the steps he takes to build his zombie army, and the moral issues he deals with along the way are the MAIN NOUGAT of what make my comic so awesome.

ZOMBIES. Wouldn’t want to bet against that in the popularity poll.


  1. Holy mackerel!

    While zombies aren’t my normal cup of tea, this is really the sort of innovation and spark of new ideas that I’ve been missing lately from the Big 2 with their super-mega crossovers. If folded into either of their superhero universes, Z-Rex would be cast as a villain and the initial vision would probably be toned down but darn it I’d rather see something like this than another played riff on Darkseid or Thanos decimating hordes of B- and C-list characters.

  2. And AGAIN I feel obliged to point out: dude’s last name is Lewis. Is this some kind of mental block, Heidi?

    Anyway. Not “Corey Rey,” but “Rey Lewis,” if you must.