Story: Jason Aaron Art: Russell Dauterman Color: Matthew Wilson Publisher: Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron’s run on Thor has been nothing short of invigorating. Going into Secret Wars it was one of the books that had the most to lose by taking hiatus and it’s new name certainly raised some eyebrows. Not only is Jane back but The Mighty Thor finds itself among the best titles of the All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch. Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman launch a number one that picks up where the previous story left off while being as inviting to new readers as all the new Marvel books need to be.

The book continues the build to the “War of the Realms” as an alliance between Roxxon CEO Dario Agger and the dark elf Malekith threatens all those on the World Tree. Jane Foster is still in the grips of a losing battle with cancer and must contend with the fact that her new thundergod powers are slowly killing her, all the while the Odinson is still missing.

Writer, Jason Aaron is doing Thor right. No matter who wields the hammer; the best thundergod stories have always balanced larger than life fantasy with the dichotomy of the mundane. The Jane Foster/Thor character emphasizes this perfectly in the issue. Mighty Thor’s opening issue takes an intimate look at not only Jane Foster’s condition but what all those battling cancer go through.  Then on the other side of the coin you see her blast off as the god of thunder to save the world. Jane knows every time she leaps into battle she brings her self that much closer to the grave and her struggle with this is the heart of the series. One that Aaron scripts masterfully with drama, humor, and action.


Russ Dauterman delivers when it comes to grandeur and makes a case for being one of the best artist of the All-New All-Different launch ( Though he’s already had plenty of practice drawing Thor). His line work is graceful and efficient; there’s very little use of negative space. For a book that has to feel large, it’s quite a different route to take but one that pays off. You’ll see the best examples of this style when Thor has to venture into space to stop a falling station. Dauterman’s work was always good on his early Thor issues and it’s a treat to see not only where he is artistically but also just how he’ll continue to evolve.

Look if you’re completely closed off to the idea of a female Thor then nothing here will change your mind. Odinson will be Thor again one day when a movie really needs it. That’s just the nature of big comics, so why not enjoy this. Jane Foster as Thor has been one tremendous story that ranks among the best in comics. The Mighty Thor #1 should not be missed.


  1. i know i keep pounding this same note over and over, but what i’m closed off to is the same plot device (someone else taking over the identity of thor, be it a man, woman, alien, frog, turnip) being used over and over and over and over and over and over, (you get the point) again. a much more interesting story might have been (IMHO) both odinson and jane being thors, exploring the dynamics of their relationship and jane’s interactions with the good folks of asgard while odinson is still a thor . have a feeling that if jane/thor is popular enough, that by the time they bring back odinson (’cause your right, one day odinson will be back), they’ll find some way to keep jane a thor as well.

  2. @ abc

    Come on, ne honest with yourself. Thor comics started in 1962, it’s 53 years that his title has been published. Frog Thor lasted just few issues, Beta Ray Bill definitely didn’t last years, then we had Red Norvell in 1978. After that, the human alias of Thor changed a couple of times (Masterson, Olsen) but Thor was always the same. So it three times in 53 years over and over and over? Last time was when? 38 years ago?

  3. They are both still Thors. Jane got the hammer but Odison is still a superstrong guy running around being a hero.

  4. @brian the brain – you might have a point as far as frog/thor or beta ray. oslon lasted a couple of years if i’m not mistaken and masterson lasted a few years as thor before he became thunderstrike (and way sooner than 38 years ago), again if i’m not mistaken. i guess my grumpiness on the subject comes from this particular plot device not only being used on thor , but with many of the mainstream (and even secondary) characters in the MU (over at DC too), over and over again. my being jaded by this plot device also might stem from the fact that i’ve been reading marvel comics since the 60’s, so i was there when these plot devices were new and fresh, but after the third or fourth time over the years that they go in this direction my attitude has become, “what, this again”? (same reaction when they decide to kill off a character on multiple occasions). funny, as i’m writing this i’m realizing that there are younger generations reading marvel comics that have not experienced this plot device first hand. old story line to me, new to them, so i guess i can see why this plot device is used every so often, and as the article states above, odinson will be back (after being replaced, they all come back, every time). if other folks want to read and enjoy the current issues of thor, it’s cool. for me, i can sit out a story line i’ve more or less read before and i’ll just patiently wait for odinson to return and pick up the book when he does.
    @lobsterafternoon – what you say is true, but thor is no longer worthy of the hammer (bummer). i guess the storyline for odinson will be the road back to become once again worthy of the mjolnir.

  5. Can somebody tell me how jane foster while battling with cancer, got to the moon, picked up thors hammer calls herself thor when we all know she clearly isn’t, and In minutes got years of skill on how to wield it and even managed to take on Odin himself? This series is a total mockery of the original thor. A story just written for the sake of attracting new female readers. The artwork might be great but the story lacks proper structure and substance. I have been collecting thor comics for a while but now I have stopped buying them until the original thor returns.

  6. Then if this is the change then I will pic the comic up again when it’s back to normal. Until then I don’t moving on to other titles.

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