Since DC launched their line of female statuettes in 2013, the line has found great popularity among consumers. Inspired initially by artist Ant Lucia’s take on the ladies of DC as 1940’s pinups, the DC Bombshells line now boasts more than twenty female heroines and villainesses. They have even found their way into a couple comic book series based on an alternate world history. Luckily for us here at The Beat, the fine people at DC Collectibles have sent over a couple of their newest Bombshells, Vixen and Starfire, for review.

Released this last November, Vixen was sculpted by Amy Sharpe. The African superhero and model is assuredly channeling her latter job title as she is depicted in a one-piece cocktail dress. The glittery, orange dress with a high side-slit, open-toed stilettos, long-golden gloves, neck collar that still gives nod to a tribal necklace, fur stole, and short hair with the flat waves all give her the look of an early Hollywood scarlet.

In look, there are only a few points I have issue with. Firstly, the sides of her dress are a bit distracting. By the sculpting, they appear to be another part of the dress rather than being meant to be open. However, the color used for the side panels, albeit with a slight shine to it, looks too similar to her skin tone. As for her feet, it appears the back shoe doesn’t stand flush to the base. Luckily, this is a lesser distraction as the skirt of her dress hides most of it.

Out for sale this month, Starfire was sculpted by Jack Matthews. Perhaps not as classy in comparison to Vixen, Starfire is at least fun and playful, portrayed as a rather underdressed firefighter, complete with boots, helmet, and bucket of water. Her “freeze-frame” pose is outright cute.

It is interesting to note that press facts included with the figures states that Starfire statue is in size “1:10 scale (7 inch).” Taking out the handy-dandy tape measurer, it actually stands at just below 11 inches with the base, the Vixen statue itself at 10.55 inches. Since both are retailed at $125, it’s glad to see they both boast similar sizes.

In size, color (save for portions of Vixen’s dress), and build quality, both these Bombshell statues are beautiful additions to any collector. I particularly like how the name placards for their bases are held on by magnets just in case the statue needs to be re-boxed. Both Vixen and Starfire are solid additions to the DC Bombshell lineup.