Retrofit Comics has been putting out some of the finest small press comics of recent years and they’ve announced their Spring/Summer 2016 line with Leela Corman, Alabaster Pizzo, Kaeleigh Forsyth, James Kochalka, Paloma Dawkins, Eleanor Davis and Luke Howard so this season should be just as fantastic. They’re running a Kickstarter to pay for printing and artist advances. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Some of the books will be substantial 70+ page graphic novels and a mere $36 gets you all six plus a digital subscription.

Did we mention NEW ELEANOR DAVIS? Her How To Be Happy was one of the finest comics of 2014, and her work since then has been just as powerful.

Of course this is just one season Retrofit has plans to publish MariNaomi, Karine Bernadou, Sophie Yanow, Anya Davidson, and Tyler Landry. YOu can pledge at a level that gets these books as well.

The Kickstarter site has long perviews but here’s a quick look at the six books.