Following in the steps of a recent micro-trend, another comics shop has opened, the Spider’s Web at 887A Yonkers Ave in Yonkers, NY. According to this earlier story, its run by Paul Borrero, a longtime collector and Spider-Man fan who felt the area needed a place for kids and adults to collect comics.

This fellow visited for Free Comic Book Day and had a swell time. Many pictures of the newsw establishment in the link.


Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, at Alternate Reality Comics, couple Lewis Cleland and Amy Cook acually got engaged at the store. Co-owner Ralph Matthieu has the details:

Lewis has been exchanging emails with me about the possibility of proposing in my store and of course I said yes because it sounded like a fun time! They're from London and had planned this trip to Vegas for some time. Lewis had an Iron Man arc reactor commissioned that actually lit up and has the inscription: "Proof that Lewis Cleland has a heart" written upon it. They arrived here in Vegas last night and this morning at just after 10am, Lewis arrived by taxi to set up the reactor and then go back to the Venetian to pick up Amy. We placed the reactor, with THE RING on top in the statue case and I put it next to a bust of Captain Britain because they're from England and he's a big Marvelite!

More of this adorable story in the link.


  1. Thanks for sharing this story about this wonderful couple, Heidi! A special No-Prize will be awarded to the Comicsbeat reader who gives the correct answer as to why I, Ralph Mathieu, is listed above as co-owner of my store and why my last name is spelled “Matthieu” (grin)!

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