According to Newsarama, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has made comments which suggest that Marvel Studios have reclaimed the film rights to Daredevil.


Last seen being developed and then dropped by Joe Carnahan, the Daredevil franchise was previously in the hands of FOX – who put out the 2003 Ben Affleck version of the film, only to then struggle to follow up on the critically-unpopular flick. There had been rumours that Daredevil was on the verge of returning to Marvel (after a period of n years, the rights accordingly revert back to Marvel if no new content is produced) but now it appears that Daredevil has now returned home, following Fox’s failure to bring the character back to the cinemas.

This would mean the character could now appear in any movies Marvel chose – most likely an Avengers movie, or Heroes For Hire-style series. This would also give the company more room to manoeuvre Black Widow, a character with close ties to The Man Without Fear. Get Johansson her film already!

News is breaking, and subject to change! We’ll find out more when Newsarama’s loveliest reporter Albert Ching publishes his full interview with Feige, conducted at the Iron Man 3 Press Junket.


  1. “Reports suggest” is that Newsarama had someone at the press junket. That someone asked a question, and it was answered. Are you using “reports suggest” because you’re afraid that it’s wrong, or because you don’t want to give Newsarama credit for the get?

  2. They give Newsarama credit in the first three words, and without a direct quote from Feige, the Beat can’t be sure it’s “confirmed,” as Newsarama says. It’s a completely accurate headline.

  3. That is awesome news. Would love to see a movie with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. It would be awesome if they shot the movie in the style of Pulp Fiction or Black Dynamite. They can make the movie about that Luke Cage comic when he was trying to get his money back from Dr. Doom. But seriously, it is great marvel has the rights back.

    If only they can get back Spider-man. I hate the new movie reboots and I don’t know why so many people like them.

  4. Gordon, Newsarama’s piece contained a direct quote from Feige. I don’t even like Newsarama, and I know that the way Morris is protraying this is kind of crappy.

  5. “Newsarama’s fluffiest reporter”
    Wow, that’s incredibly unprofessional, especially coming from someone reporting on ANOTHER reporter’s scoop.

  6. If they ever do make another DD movie, they should get that guy who won the Oscar for directing Argo to direct it!!! :-p

    Hey, maybe his wife can even play Elektra?!? :-O

  7. I have to agree with Max above. You’re basically reposting Ching’s story. Doesn’t that make you the fluffiest reposter? A fluff repurposer? Or maybe just a fluffer?

  8. Using a word like “fluff” or “fluffy” in a journalistic context means that the story lacks weight or importance. You called him the fluffiest reporter, which implies to many readers that you viewed him as the least consequential of a group of fluff reporters.

  9. Now that “the guy who directed Argo” and his wife are over 40, would they be considered too old to reprise their roles? And would they want to?

    Affleck described Daredevil as the most physically demanding role he’s ever played. Would he want to play it again, now that he’s 10 years older? Art films like Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder” seem to be more to his taste these days … but if he’s offered enough money, who knows.

  10. I’m a big Steve Morris fan, and on first read this post kind of bummed me out. But I’m more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.


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