Warner Bros. has long been working on a Justice League Dark movie that features the likes of John Constatine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman and The Demon. For a number of years, it was the Guillermo del Toro DC film with a working title of “Dark Universe”.

But as with most things del Toro seems to get attached to, they tend to not come to fruition. But fear not, says WB as they’ve instead opted to move forward with the project, lining up Edge of Tomorrow‘s Doug Liman to take over behind the camera per Variety.

Liman, whose work has also included films like Go and the upcoming Tom Cruise-starring American Made, was most recently attached to the X-Men spinoff Gambit starring Channing Tatum. But as that film has entered production hell due to scripting issues, it looks like the filmmaker jumped on board a more ready-to-go superhero property.

The studio is working hard to make the Justice League Dark a household name, with an animated film on the way as well. Where this movie will fit into their overall production schedule is yet to be determined, though having a filmmaker in place puts it a few steps ahead of Shazam.


  1. This movie will never happen. Period. That’s why they decided to do the animated version instead.

  2. I was ready to give up on the live-action DARK UNIVERSE after the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK movie was given its page at IMDb.,com. It looks like that might have been premature.

  3. The live and animated film divisions of the DC Universe seem to their own ways as there was a splendid animated Suicide Squad, Assault on Arkham, and of the live version, so one being done does preclude the other getting done.

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