The DC Universe streaming shows have gotten off to a pretty great start, while I’ve only watched about half the first season of Titans (and enjoyed it far more than the not very enticing SDCC trailer would have led me to believe), Doom Patrol is perhaps the best superhero show we’ve yet witnessed on any platform, and it somehow just keeps getting better with each episode.
Following the very Morrison-heavy adaptation of that seminal comic comes the James Wan-produced Swamp Thing, which of course, there’s really only one run most of you readers would like to see adapted when it comes to that show (three words: Moore. Bissette. Totleben.)…but as of yet we haven’t even seen a picture of the creature himself, much less any kind of footage. Nothing terribly worrying, but it’s a little odd, because we’ve already gotten the first image of Stargirl (which will follow Swamp Thing on the schedule).
This morning brings some curious news though from local sources, specifically Wilmington NC where Swamp Thing is filmed. According to to WECT, production is ending early in Wilmington and in the report the specifically cite the shock among those on set. Another report from Wilmington Star News specifically states that local crew members were told the current production would wrap with episode, and would then halt as a new ending is being written for the series.
That second report also makes mention that Warner Bros is re-evaluating the future of the DC Universe streaming service. Which could be possible, but it seems a little early to raising those kinds of questions unless subscription numbers are truly particularly thin.
Swamp Thing was originally projected for a 13 episode order and would begin streaming on DC Universe at the end of May. Will that plan continue on or could we be looking at a slightly truncated season? Time will tell, but it’s the first sign of potential bumps in the road. Fingers crossed that any changes will all be for the better.
UPDATE: Despite some chatter that this did not bode well for the DC Universe streaming service, Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter clears that one point up:

Even James Wan chimed in a bit on his Facebook page:

So whatever the decision that drove the reduction, it’s clearly based specifically within the context of this project individually.


  1. Footage was shown at Wonder Con, but I do find it odd that the time frame between Swamp Thing (May 31st) and Young Justice mid-season premiere (July 2nd) only leaves room for 5 or 6 episodes to be streamed.

  2. That this pivot would happen during production of just the 3rd live series is a sad surprise, but that WB may have determined that DC Universe is too niche to live on its own is not surprising. In fact, they may think the response to (and quality of) the new DC shows and recent films on top of the back catalogue can become an anchor for a broader WB streaming service much better than coming out of the Snyder-verse, dunno. But in any case, should not affect DC fans too much – the shows are solid, and the comic streaming offer will continue to exist even if decoupled from video content. It should all still be available. But you might need to pay more in line of the combined price of Disney+ and Marvel Unlimited to get all that goodness.

  3. AT&T cost cutting strikes! but it makes sense having multi streaming service brands makes no sense when even Disney with marvel and star wars are putting both on Disney+.

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