[Eddie Berganza and Bob Harras seen in a video still from CBR.]
CBR has a pretty confident report that four of DC’s top brass will be moving to Cali when the big exodus happens in 2015: co-publisher Dan DiDio, editor-in-chief Bob Harras, Vertigo executive editor Shelly Bond and group editor Eddie Berganza.  Even among those “in the know” confirmations of comings and goings have been hard to come by, although Berganza and DiDio always seemed like naturals. I never had any question that Bond would go because she’s a trooper all the way. Harras has been a big question mark, but as far as I know, his kids are pretty grown up, which is usually a big factor in going westward ho or not.

Not mentioned, Bobbie Chase, the managing editor, so make of that what you will. I don’t like to speculate about people here because this is a very personal matter, although all decisions have been made and, theoretically, announced.

Confirmed exits from DC since this all began include Mike Marts and Wil Moss to Marvel, and Alex Segura back to Archie. Vertigo’s Will Dennis seems to be on the NYC list, as is Mark Doyle who’s filling in on the Bat books in the interim.

It’s said to be very disconcerting for talent not to know who will be running what in a year’s time. And in general this whole year is just a big wheel spinning time for DC, as people prepare to uproot their lives and “interim” becomes a way of life.

A few folks have pointed out to me that the last batch of DC emigrés to the West Coast didn’t last long. The entire digital department moved west back in 2010, and then they all moved back or got other jobs, including Ron Perazza, now at Marvel, and Kwanza Johnson, now outside comics. It’s likely that was a personal matter for most, but it is ironic. Anyway, at least the office parties will be awesome.


  1. “I don’t like to speculate about people here because this is a very personal matter, although…” I’m going to go ahead and do that anyway.

    what hypocrisy.

  2. I had a good laugh, seeing the words “Brain Trust” and DC together in the same title. Great oxymoron, like ‘jumbo shrimp’! :-p

  3. Their always seems to be a certain tone to most of these migration posts. I get the impression that most comics jorno’s want/expect the move to be a failure. Who knows, the move might end up being a positive, we have to wait and see how it shakes out. Sensationalism….

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