This photo of the cast of GEorge Miller’s aborted JLA movie shows how close we came to having a very very young JLA movie. Australian tax credit woes and the Writer Strike of ’07-08 scuttled this.

Was it for the best?

Andrew Wheeler has more.


  1. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it could have been weak; on the other hand, it could have avoided the problems from Man of Steel (which are likely to be in the sequel–which is why I will avoid it like the plague). I mean, just the basic concept: “However, characters like Iris Allen, The Flash, Wally West, and Superman (among others) prove Batman wrong in the sense that maybe trusting people isn’t a bad thing and that you should try to look at the good in people, even powerful people, as opposed to the bad” — vs. Superman doing some neck-snapping in Man of Steel — puts this miles above Man of Steel, despite any flaws it may have. I’d rather see a weakly-done super-hero movie with its heart in the right place than a well-done cynical super-hero movie.

  2. George Miller has made a few weak movie but he’s also one of the most visionary film directors to emerge during the last 35 years. I, for one, will certainly always be curious what George Miller might have conjured up in presenting the DC heroes & (still) waiting on the new Mad Max.

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