July sees the launch of Relay, a new series from Aftershock written by Zac Thompson (from a story by Thompson and Donny Cates) and drawn by Andy Clarke.

How does Thompson describe this book?

“Relay is in many ways a tribute to the science fiction worlds that inspired me as I was growing up. The best thing I can compare it to is Paul Verhoeven’s TOTAL RECALL. There’s a brain to this book beneath the action and the world we’ve created that mirrors our own. It’s something that evokes a lot of our modern fears about society, leadership, and control and puts them in a really colorful and detailed world.  Anyone who saw BLADE RUNNER 2049 is going to be right at home with RELAY. People should definitely throw it on their pull because it’s unlike any other science fiction book out there. I promise you we’re dealing with some insane shit and by the end of every issue you’ll have no idea where we’re headed next.”

Official PR Follows:

RELAY #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale July 2018
writer: Zac Thompson
artist: Andy Clarke
story: Zac Thompson & Donny Cates
cover A: Andy Clarke
cover B: TBD

A perfect future of intergalactic travel and community. Every newly discovered planet is unified culturally through a monolithic structure known as the Galactic Relay. Although the towering monument is meant to inspire conformity of ideas, technology, and progress – many resent the foreign structure. Jad Carter, a Relay employee, must keep the peace and act as an emissary to new civilizations. But when he finds the Relay’s mythological creator, Hank Donaldson, his idea of reality and the universe shatters.

Equal parts The Fifth Element and Philip K Dick, Relay is an exploration of monoculture, identity, and the deceptive nature of legend set in a thriving future where humanity forcibly assimilates new worlds.

Written by Zac Thompson (The Dregs) and art by Andy Clarke (REPLICA, Batman). Story by Zac Thompson and Donny Cates (BABYTEETH, God Country, Redneck)!