In a a public Instagram post (and a private FB message) Mike Marts announced he is leaving Aftershock after seven years as editor in chief.

Aftershock – which was founded by comics veteran Joe Pruett with business partners Jon and Lee Kramer – has remained a steady presence under Marts’ editorial guidance, with a solid lineup of creators including Garth Ennis, Cullen Bunn and  Paul Tobin.

His next move is not know, although his statement alluded to “the next phase of my creative journey.” Given his track record, pretty much any company that can afford him would probably like to have him on staff.

Edited to add: Speculation in my DMs that we’ll learn his now home at NYCC. We shall see.

Marts’ statement read in part:

It’s extremely bittersweet for me to report that today marks my final day as Editor-in-Chief at AfterShock Comics.
For me, this was the opportunity of a lifetime. It seems like just yesterday, but it’s hard to imagine it’s been almost eight years since I answered the call to break away from mainstream comics and start my own company. All throughout my tenures at both Marvel and DC, I dreamed of one day starting my own thing. Then, one day in 2015, the opportunity was there for the taking—and I took it without hesitation.
My move to AfterShock opened new doors, experiences and opportunities—and for that, I am forever grateful. After 20 long years, I left the comfort of super hero stories and dove headfirst into the pool of creator-owned comics. I was introduced to the world of film, TV, studios and streamers. I was able to work remotely from home (before it was popular) and spend more time with my family. I was able to build something from the ground up…starting with just four titles and five employees, which eventually grew to over 130 individual IPs, over 20 staffers, and numerous film and TV options. And let’s not forget all of the hundreds of new creators, dozens of retailers and other various business partners that I never would have known if not for AfterShock.
It was exhilarating, exciting and challenging to build a company, and it’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Creating an infrastructure, establishing a creative vision and initiating a workplace culture were all tasks I thoroughly enjoyed…but now it’s time to pass the reins to new hands, to allow someone else’s creative tastes and instincts steer the tone and pace of this great company.
Marts was previously a senior editor at both Marvel and DC.