My-Super-Ex-Girlfriend-20060717050020710MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND director Ivan Reitman sounds off on how superhumans might be able to mate with normal humans:

What goes on in the bedroom between a normal guy and a superwoman in My Super Ex “was actually a tricky problem for us,” says director Ivan Reitman. “As a kid when I read comic books, I always thought, ‘Do they ever make love?’ And what would that be like? There’s a whole series of questions that we tried to answer in this movie.”

“When [Ivan] says ‘They’ he means Superman and Lois Lane,” says Wilson. “He thinks it would be dangerous for them to sleep together.” Nevertheless, in My Super Ex, the filmmakers were intent to deliver super sex. “You’ve never actually seen a superhero in the sack like that,” laughs Wilson. “I find it to be quite entertaining.”

Film stars Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson as a regular guy who tries to break-up with a superpowered vixen.