Saturday all hell breaks loose!
Mark Waid! The Wayans Brothers! Oni! Damon Lindelof! GERARD BUTLER! Bob Burden! Kazuo Koike! Mary Fleener! Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, and Forry Ackerman together! Roger Langridge! Yoshihiro Tatsumi! Jon Favreau! Lee Marrs! Everett Peck! Bruce Campbell! Kevin Huizenga! Veronica Mars! Nicolas Cage! Jackson Publick! Yoshitaka Amano!

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Yieeee! DEAR DEAR GERARD BUTLER at Comic-con! Special janitorial forces are being called in to measure the drool. With this he officially passes stinky old Clive Owen who wouldn’t stoop to grub in the mire with the likes of us or have a toy or anything fun like that. Gerard, you are cool as well as fine, and we welcome you with open arms!


  1. The Beat – I do not envy you. Having to get from Hall H to your own panel moments later will require much sure-footedness. And there was even more yumminess to be found in Saturday’s programming – Daniel Dae Kim, for instance! And David Wenham!

    For a moment, I almost wish I could be there.

  2. Cheryl! Welcome back!

    I’m actually not going to be on the Supervillians panel, alas. I am trying to get them to correct the website.

  3. Oh I read the Beat every day (or try to, anyway). Gives me that dose of the outside world (or the part of the outside world I’m probably most interested in).

    And congrats on the new place, btw. It really looks great!

  4. I know they ban carts in the hall at SD.

    But do they ban segways?

    Maybe the Beat can get one to traverse the hall.

  5. Oh to live on the West Coast and be able to attend such a cosmic gathering. Gerard Butler the sexiest Phantom of all time is a prince to grace the comic fans with his presense. I just hope tons and tons of videos and photos come out of this amazing event. Somebody hug that Gerry for me.

  6. Cannot tell you how blopdy pissed I am that the panel on the best show on television – Veronica Mars – is at the same time as the panel featuring one of my personal heroes, Bruce Campbell. It’s the “Sophie’s Choice” of deciding which panel to go to at Comicon. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!

    Right now, I’m planning to go the Veronica panel. But man, that’s a tough choice…

  7. Gerard Butler’s great to attend and worth traveling a zillion miles to see in person…….I’d share but I think I’ll be needing my very own drooooooooooool bucket.

  8. I don’t know who Clive Owen is, but that was FUNNY! Gerard Butler and Bruce Campbell should have a lot to talk about. Bruce can give Gerry tips on working with Sam Rami. Now get all three on the same project and I can die happy!

  9. OMG this is brilliant!
    Bruce Campbell and Gerard….
    Slaps forehead wish to hell I could see that meeting…
    Should be verra verra interesting..

  10. Ooooooh! You will need a monumental janitorial staff to accommodate the drool for DDGB!

    Get your forces ready……………..GB loves his fans!

    Very sad I don’t live on the left coast! Enjoy and take lots of pictures……….

  11. SDCC is a GREAT event! If you ever can manage the chance to go, I whole-heartedly recommend the trip. And with Gerard there….my husband will just have to understand me ditching him when the doors open at 10 to go stack out a chair in the Hall. :)

  12. Bruce Campbell is one the nicest people in the business. Gerard Butler is other nicest one! Put BOTH of them together and what a treat! Bruce will be dancing a “highland”jig after Gerry teaches him his! I want to be there!
    For everyone who attends please take plenty of pictures of both of them and definitely ones together!

    E-mail them to me at [email protected], pleeze?

    Sighing, crying but NOT dying in North Carolina!

    Janet “Thompson” Deaver Molyneaux

    “Scottish by heritage, American by law, Highlander by ancestry and the Grace of God!”

  13. Girls girls girls! The Bruce and DDBG will NOT be appearing together — except in the slash fic of some people’s dirty, dirty minds. They are, however, united in The Beat’s prayers, and both will be on panels on Saturday of the show. If we imagine them passing somewhere in the Green Room…well…go right ahead.