Yesterday we learned that New Jersey is getting a comic-con…and so is China! ReedPOP is launching the Shanghai Comic Convention which will be held in just two months, May 16 and 17th at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.

“China is a massive frontier for ReedPOP, a huge market and boundless community of fans that we are eager and enthusiastic to build events for,” said Reedpop’s Lance Fensterman, in an announcement. “This is a huge opportunity for the millions of fans in the country who haven’t experienced a ReedPOP event and we can’t wait to see how they respond. Geekdom is a universal language and we’re sure that the Chinese people will celebrate fan culture in their own unique and amazing ways.”

ReedPOP already runs events in London, Paris, Germany, India, Singapore and Australia—as well as putting on NYCC, C2E2 the PAX shows and much more.

China DOES already have a bunch of comics-related events, including Anu-Com in Hong Kong and some huge shows in Taiwan, including the Taipei Comic Exhibition which drew more than half a million people. Additionally according to this piece, Wizard World has teamed up for something called Fantang for a show later this May.

The Shanghai Comic Con’s website is here but it is in Chinese so it’s hard to see any details about the show. I tried turning on Google translate and got this fairly epic description on the guest page:

Great God level cartoonist
Familiar with the fiction writer
International range of children’s film stars
Enjoy a high reputation in the professional master Cosplay
Your guest list there is always the unexpected emergence wonderful!

Certainly China is ready to meet the Great God Level Cartoonists of the world.


  1. There is an English page… It took me about an hour before I found it.

    And as I commented yesterday, New Jersey now has three major shows.

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