After a week-long hiatus, The Flash returned with a Frost-centric episode to settle her surrender in “Growing Pains”. With the cosmic forces— Fuerza (Strength Force), Deon Owens (Still Force), and Psych (Sage Force)— still at large, Barry and Nora (Speed Force) divert their attention to tracking them down before either one attacks Central City. Luckily or unluckily for the team, these forces have a unique trail of energy that can be picked up by S.T.A.R Labs tech which leaves them waiting indefinitely.

cailtin snow looking at frost's artwork
Caitlin Snow admiring Frost’s artwork in THE FLASH S7E8; Photo: The CW

This episode mostly revolves around Frost and Caitlin, if the title hasn’t already suggested it. And if you haven’t already predicted Cisco throwing in punchlines from A Few Good Men, you’re not doing this right! Metahuman attorney Cecile steps in to defend Frost in a heated court trial where Kristen Kramer doesn’t flinch to add her perspective even though she’s not a part of the council. It’s extremely suspicious, as Joe claims, how Kramer can go to any extent to have Frost jailed. But as this trial dramatically unfolds, Kramer reveals her real intention for Frost is not a prison sentence but ridding her of her powers.

Killer Frost
Caitlin trying to distract a CCPD officer so Cisco and Allegra can neutralize the metahuman cure in THE FLASH S7E8; Photo: The CW

She knew CCPD was safeguarding the metahuman cure (first used in Season 5: shoutout to King Shark!) in case anyone needed it for personal safety (remember when Cicada II wanted to kill every meta in town?) and proposed Frost take the cure. Cecile was only prepared to battle a prison sentence, this attack came out of nowhere so Caitlin, Cisco, and Allegra secretly embark on a rescue mission despite Frost’s warning. After the court adjourned, the three of them visit CCPD to neutralize the metahuman cure without accounting for any backup plans that Kramer might have. Kramer not only frames Frost for this mishap but also introduces an advanced cure manufactured by A.R.G.U.S.

Alexa Rivera, the Strength Force conduit in THE FLASH S7E8; Photo: The CW

Meanwhile, Barry and Nora find a lead for one of the cosmic forces in Keystone but are unable to locate the source, essentially because Alexa Rivera (Sara Garcia) is its conduit. Alexa, a health care volunteer in Keystone, reports having blackouts around the same time Fuerza attacked Central City. Nora alleges she’s Fuerza and forces her to get tested. While trying to probe anomalies within her at S.T.A.R. Labs, the Team concludes she’s the Strength Force. And before anyone could say or do anything, Nora kills Alexa.

Back at Frost’s court hearing, Frost proposes a life sentence instead of taking the cure as an act of protecting metas in the City who had been previously charged with a crime. With one conduit down, Frost jailed forever, and the Speed Force out of control, what will Team Flash do next? We’ll find out in the next episode!

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