The civil war between the Godspeeds, a deranged August Heart, and Team Flash is gearing towards a wrap-up. The West-Allen kids time-traveled from 2049 to help the team but an inexplainable connection between Bart/Impulse and Godspeed put everyone’s skills to test. Seeing his son Bart’s health comprised after Jay Garrick’s rescue mission, Barry plans to end this once for all by entering August’s mind to find out his deepest desire.

The Flash and Godspeed in THE FLASH S7E18; Photo: The CW

In this week’s episode, the ‘real’ August Heart greets The Flash inside his kingdom to reveal what he’s actually after— organic speed. August, a scientist himself, developed an artificial speed serum in the future but that had its own side-effects, one of which caused him dementia in the current timeline. He offers The Flash a trade, to relieve Central City of war in exchange for his speed.

This successful recon only leaves Team Flash with a larger conundrum than they imagined, and when August finds out who he really is, he can’t stop feeling guilty for something he does in the future. He shares his concern with Cecile while she comforts him with her empath powers.

Nora charges everyone and turns Iris into a speedster in THE FLASH S7E18; Photo: The CW

As Caitlin is busy trying to get Bart back to normalcy, Barry brings Nora to S.T.A.R. Labs and helps them take down Godspeed. She says the only way to beat him is to have as much speed as possible and then proceeds to boost everyone’s power level including Bart’s and Iris’. Remember when she temporarily became the speedster of Central City in The Flash, season 4, episode 16? Say hello to the same costume!

In other news, Joe and Kramer are stuck on a flyover with other people trying to leave Central City as an army of Godspeeds fight each other. One of them grabs Joe by the collar and is about to kill him when Kramer runs like a speedster to save him. So Kramer is actually a… speedster? Yes and no, as she puts it. She’s a meta who can mimic powers around her, so she was able to become a speedster like the Godspeeds on the flyover. She’s a meta when she needs to be, how cool is that?

Speedsters against the army of Godspeeds in THE FLASH S7E18; Photo: The CW

Team Flash is now fighting against another army of Godspeeds but this time they are all speedsters, except Mechavibe, Allegra, and Frost, of course. And Caitlin and Chester, who are at the Lab.

They succeed in defeating the army but it takes them only a few seconds to recharge via Nora, the Speed Force. She knew this would happen but still fought through until The Flash asks her to leave the scene. The rest of them are able to handle the army with Allegra’s help but they know it’s only a short period of time until they return. So Barry asks Nora to send out a homing signal to Thawne for help, and guess what? He actually comes! As selfish as he’s always been, he does come to help.

So…this Star Wars-themed fight sequence was pretty legit. There was no context behind this idea but if you are photo-sensitive, avoid watching this for a few minutes.

Reverse Flash attacking The Flash in THE FLASH S7E18; Photo: The CW

Together, they finally beat Godspeed but the Reverse Flash attacks Barry. Why wouldn’t he? To his surprise, Barry became faster than he imagined. He warns him and runs away, which might bring in the possibility of another Thawne story arch. But for now he’s gone. And August has been sent to Iron Heights.

Barry and Iris renew their wedding vows THE FLASH S7E18; Photo: The CW

Towards the end of this extreme episode, Barry asks Iris to renew their vows in the most cheesiest way possible, on his knees at S.T.A.R. Labs! Cisco officiates their ceremony, Bart sings for them, people cry and Cecile tells Joe she likes weddings. There, there.

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