The Flash is finally picking up speed (wink, wink). This season has been nothing short of random story arcs and character departures until the past couple of episodes but hang tight, things are about to speed past you. So the previous episode ended with a few seconds cameo by Nora…and Bart Allen! Nora has been frequently appearing in Barry’s dreams but last week she showed up along with her 19-year-old brother, from 2049 to the current timeline.

Bart Allen in the year 2049, phasing through Godspeed in THE FLASH S7E17; Photo: The CW

Before traveling back in time, Nora and Bart are seen fighting Godspeed. Nora gets injured so Bart phases through Godspeed, a move we’ve never seen a speedster do before. That move doesn’t kill Godspeed though, he has enough energy left to run. When the speedster duo follows him, they find out he’s headed towards The Flash museum to run back in time to Barry’s timeline for reason unknown. Maybe it’s related to August Heart whose memories have been mysteriously erased? Maybe it has something to do with Iris being ‘unstable’? Nevertheless, the duo surprises Barry and, honestly, this is the sweetest ‘reunion’ ever! Bart’s exudes pure joy and he’s exactly the kind of speedster you’d expect an Allen to be.

The young speedsters don’t reveal the real reason for their visit to Team Flash as they plan to tackle the army of Godspeeds in Central City. All of them run after Bart and call him the ‘adversary’, which is when Barry picks up the cue. The team momentarily defeats the Godspeeds with the help of Frost and returns to S.T.A.R. Labs where Bart panics and says Godspeed is to him what Thawne was to Barry. Now, this is a great revelation, who could Godspeed possibly be after?

The Allen speedsters facing the army of Godspeeds in THE FLASH S7E17; Photo: The CW

Meanwhile, Joe and Kramer wrap up Adam’s case and drive back to Central City. All communication lines between them and Central City are down so nobody knows if he’s okay or not.

In another timeline, yet again we meet Jay Garrick preparing to time travel and meet Barry! When Barry restored the Speed Force, Jay got back his powers and is now able to pick back his speedster mantle. As his wife Joan bids him goodbye, a couple of Godspeeds ambush him to take him hostage. In the current time, Nora advises Bart to stay out of Team Flash’s bring-Godspeeds-down operation since they’re all after him. He doesn’t listen at first and oh boy, here comes the floodgates and a massive plot reveal. Godspeed killed ‘Uncle’ Jay in front of Bart just like Thawne did with Barry’s mother. “He gets me,” says a teary-eyed Bart in an effort to prevent this from happening. He succumbs to Nora’s advice and lets Team Flash take over.

Jay Garrick reappears in THE FLASH S7E17; Photo: The CW

Chester builds a device to bring down the army of Godspeeds but needs Allegra to boost its battery using her electromagnetic waves in the counts of nanometer. Her grief towards Ultraviolet’s death causes her waves to shift from nano to ultra, that’s when Chester finds out Ultraviolet had died and that Allegra was distancing herself from everybody. So Barry charges the battery and heads towards the City. But instead of attacking the Godspeeds, the device powers them infinitely.

The army leads everyone to a church in the City where Jay is held hostage. Bart flips out and tries to save him but doesn’t realize it’s a trap. The Flash, unable to bear his future son’s speed being sucked out of him, phases through a Godspeed clone. But this doesn’t stop the army. And behold the sore eyes that’s been craving some Vibe. Cisco is here! He freezes the army in a dome, giving enough time for the whole team to escape.

The return of Cisco in THE FLASH S7E17; Photo: The CW

Back at the Labs, Barry decides the real trick to stopping Godspeed is to get to this mind. The only way to do that is by entering August Heart’s mind to find out what happened to him, who did it, and what does any of the current situations has to do with the clueless August. Jay fixes up a last-minute neuron transmitter to connect August and Barry’s brains, and Cecile begins the process of transfer.

Barry finds himself at the same church the Team was at earlier only to see a throne instead. And on it is August Heart, dressed up as Godspeed. But this doesn’t make any sense. Is he playing mind games with himself from the past? Or is this a trap? We’ll find out next week!

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