Ever since Psyche showed Cisco his biggest nightmare, he’s been discussing leaving Central City for good. It may not seem like a big deal, but his fear of being the only one to ‘not grow’ in his career made sense to Team Flash. So much so that they actually encouraged him to leave sooner. He and Kamilla, after what seemed like an eternity, officially convey their news and receive no shock or ‘cry sesh’ from anyone. Yes, Cisco will now be leading a team in the Arrowverse’s most coveted organizations, with only 24 hours to report to A.R.G.U.S which begs the question: Can we see him play cameos in the future since A.R.G.U.S is always poking its nose in the City?

So while Cisco is trying to wrap his head around the lack of gloominess at S.T.A.R Labs, Barry and Caitlin are thrust into a new meta case in the City, a meta who can elevate dopamine levels in people to make them do anything she wanted. Cisco shares everything he’s ever worked on, including the S.T.A.R. Labs archive, with Chester, but warns him about the inventory that he hasn’t updated in the last six or so months.

Chester fanboying with all the tech at S.T.A.R Labs archives in The Flash S7E12, “Good-bye Vibrations”; Photo: The CW

Chester can’t keep his calm obviously and immediately leaves to work on it, promising Cisco he would attend his breakfast farewell the next day. This further makes Cisco sad about leaving everything behind. Not to mention Barry packing his stuff upstairs for him! I mean, it’s great to have a speedster bff, am I right?

Cisco’s epic trading cards in The Flash S7E12, “Good-bye Vibrations”; Photo: The CW

Cisco persuades Barry and Caitlin to let him join this meta takedown one last time. It wouldn’t have been a farewell without him naming this meta or showing off his trading card collection. Rainbow Raider, or the 2.0 version (Jona Xiao) as Cisco calls her, sets off the dark matter alert during this debrief while stealing jewelry from a City outlet. In a failed attempt to stop her, Cisco gets jolted with a massive dopamine hit and turns into the happiest version of himself.

In a later failed attempt, Barry gets attacked as well but this flips the mood upside down at the Labs. There’s karaoke and breakdance for a whole minute! Chester builds a cure based on Cisco’s archival collection that brought down Roy Bovolo a.k.a. Rainbow Raider/Prism (Paul Anthony) that helps them recover in time for Raider 2.0’s scheme to “help those who need it” by dropping humongous chunks of jewelry on local game attendees at a stadium.

The Flash and Cisco get attacked by the Rainbow Raider in The Flash S7E12, “Good-bye Vibrations”; Photo: The CW

Allegra takes The Flash and Mecha-Vibe inside the blimp that Rainbow Raider was flying. In response to their sudden entry, she attacks them and the control room, leaving the blimp locked at auto-pilot set to impact the stadium. The Flash promises the Rainbow Raider a social service tenure instead of Iron Heights and she seemed grateful for it. Cisco takes charge of the blimp while The Flash vacates the entire stadium. And what seemed like a short stop-and-arrest case turned into a heartwarming farewell for Cisco as Barry gave him the proud best friend gaze from afar.

Cisco and Chester in The Flash S7E12, “Good-bye Vibrations”; Photo: The CW

The real tear-works began when Cisco reveals his Pysch-induced nightmare with Barry and Caitlin back at the Labs. The video montage of all the fun moments the trio has gotten to share together definitely makes this episode one of the top emotional rollercoaster rides in Season 7. Back at the loft, Cisco makes his last request at the farewell: share a Lady Gaga duet with Barry, and honestly, it’s the most sweetest thing in Arrowverse. Petition for more bromance arcs, please?

On a completely different side note: Cecile is hunting a meta or it’s the other way around, either way, it’s horrifying to watch her being tormented. Who is this mysterious meta? Or whatever it is? What a segue into the second half of the season.

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