Let’s take a walk through the episode where they really had to force the capital M include in every episode title.

NOTE: For the sake of clarity, I’m using the characters’ hero (or villain) names, instead of switching between them based on context. It should make it easier to keep track of a sizable cast, and I hope using their code names doesn’t prevent you from connecting with these very human characters.

This week’s flashback starts at a meeting of residents of the mutant projects eight years ago where they discuss landlords trying to force them out of their homes and how they need to knock on doors and tell the humans that they need to leave. A younger Reeva interjects, saying they’re “not going to make any friends that way.” She leaves the meeting, unhappy with the decision, and her friend comes to talk.

During their conversation, humans come by and start causing trouble. Reeva’s friend uses her mutant powers to drive them off but one of them stabs her. She dies in Reeva’s arms, giving us a (rather cliched) explanation of why Reeva turned against humans and joined the Hellfire Club.

Reeva explains plans for breaking into the bank to her Hellfire Club minions. Rebecca shares her concerns with Andy that she won’t be able to do her part in the mission, accessing the vault with her poorly explained inside-out powers. Andy promises he’ll be there, for whatever that’s worth.

Reed continues to struggle with his long-dormant mutant abilities erupting. He wants to get away from the Mutant Underground to avoid being the cause of Caitlin and Lauren’s capture.

Caitlin suggests to Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink that they move Reed somewhere else. Blink says they can bring him underground through the tunnels where the Morlocks stay but Caitlin doesn’t want to risk him to become a part of a “mutant separatist group.” She says the clinic they were in earlier this season, now shut down, is the last place anyone would expect to find them.

Jace is on the phone with a lawyer telling him that his wife refuses to speak to him. His mutant supremacist pal Ted comes in and says a top-level supporter of their group wants to meet with him.

Cut to Reeva having an “off the calendar” dinner with a finance VP from Creed Financial, the bank she’s trying to steal from. It sounds like they’ve been in a relationship for a while, and she’s really had an impact on him. Once they leave the restaurant together the Frost sisters arrive, their eyes glowing blue, ready to use their mind control on him.

Reeva’s (former) boyfriend is now at the Hellfire Club facility. He’s ordered to plug in a drive turning off their mutant detection system at Creed Financial. After threats on his kids, he agrees. He asks if their whole relationship was a lie and Reeva admits it wasn’t. The episode’s attempt to make her relatable is a little too transparent only 15 minutes in.

Polaris tells Esme that she needs her to watch her Dawn of the Mutant Age baby during the bank heist and Esme, who was supposed to be a part of the mission, reluctantly agrees.

Eclipse confronts Blink about her interest in the Morlocks and questions her loyalties. Blink says they both know the Mutant Underground is struggling and they could use some more allies. Reminder: Blink is spying for the Morlocks because reasons.

Jace enters a barber shop to meet one of the leaders of the Purifiers. It’s the dad from The OC, which explains why he was a news anchor on a previous episode. His name is Benedict Ryan but I’ll struggle to think of him as anything but the dad from The OC. Ryan tells Jace that a lot of people support the attacks he led in Baltimore and the group needs more men like him. He also wants something more from Jace.

Reeva explains to the finance VP exactly what he needs to do to turn off the mutant detection system. He pleads with her to remember their loving relationship we only learned of ten minutes ago, but she’s dedicated to taking down Creed Financial.

The Hellfire Club shares an impressive display of their powers as they storm into the bank. The head of the bank says the vault is made out of adamantium (reference!) and the only people with the combination are two states away. Reeva says she’ll let them go, but first, they have to admit that the bank was built off the suffering of mutants. The head of the bank scoffs, but the Frost sisters force them to share the Hellfire Club’s message on camera.

Benedict Ryan wants to tell Jace’s story on his news show about the loss his daughter in mutant attacks and how little Sentinel Services is doing to help humans. Jace says there are good people at Sentinel Services, friends of his, and he won’t betray them. Hopefully, he’s also thinking about how coming out as a terrorist on live TV won’t be a good look in a child custody hearing.

Back in the clinic, Thunderbird laments to Eclipse over the man who lost his life there. He says the Inner Circle is winning and people are losing faith in mutant-human harmony. Eclipse shares his concerns about Blink to Thunderbird and says they need to watch her.

Polaris, Andy, and Rebecca reach the vault. Rebecca fails to turn the vault inside out. Andy tells her to channel her anger over her treatment at the mutant mental ward, and she’s able to get it done.

Ted shouts at Jace over his refusal to go on the news show, saying the Purifiers are all he has and talking about being a terrorist on TV is the only way he can get his wife back, which doesn’t make any sense but seems to motivate Jace, who’s ready to go on Benedict Ryan’s show.

Reed finally seems out of juice, looking like a junkie who’s finally nearing the end of withdrawal. He thinks the attacks are over for now, to the relief of Caitlin and Lauren. Caitlin tells him she found the head of a research institute who knows the Strucker family and the mutant powers that pass down. They agree they need to meet her because she’s the only one who may be able to save Reed. There’s some pretty stirring family drama within this episode among the Strucker family.

Thunderbird asks Blink about her seeming allegiance to the Morlocks, provoking a fight about what the Underground is actually doing beyond surviving. Blink admits to giving Erg, the head of the Morlocks, information. She says they need their help right now even if Thunderbird won’t admit it.

As the Hellfire Club leaves, the head of the bank verbally attacks them and mutantkind. Even though she’s told to fall back, an angry Rebecca uses her abilities to turn a hundred people inside out, including the man Reeva apparently loved. Based on the preview on the mid-season, that event has caused the hunt on mutants to heat up intensely, and we see Polaris put on her crown for the first time. Looking forward to it! This is a series that, qualms aside, is genuinely engaging more often than not. And the qualms are often fun to joke about!