Welcome back for more Batwoman! If you’re a Kate and Sophie stan, boy is this the episode for you. We get more flashbacks of Sophie and Kate at Point Rock, some more of Tyler’s perspective – oh and also there’s a killer loose. S1E7 “Tell Me the Truth” is directed by Michael Allowitz and written by Caroline Dries and Natalie Abrams.

This is a full recap of Batwoman S1E7: AKA beware of spoilers.

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 “I don’t know how you did it Bruce … and you did it in secret. All alone.”

We open up with the classic Kate (Ruby Rose) monologue. As she talks about how hard it is to keep her vigilante shaped secret, opera music plays and an assassin called the Rifle targets a restaurant patron. Luckily, Batwoman is there just in time. She quickly ties him by his feet and leaves him for the Crows to nab. Who else arrives on the scene, but Sophie (Meagan Tandy). The Bat runs into her on her way out, just as she’s talking about trust – and feeling lonely. Sophie calls her Kate and pulls this show’s favorite move as she threatens to tell dad, AKA Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott). At that, Kate dips and a woman we have not yet met confirms that The Rifle is in Gotham. Meanwhile, the man himself escapes the Crow’s grasp.

batwoman s1e7

The next day, Vesper Fairchild (Rachel Maddow) disses on The Rifle after missing his mark and on the news, the owner of the restaurant, Allessandro’s, offers Batwoman a free meal whenever she wants.

Cut, then to the Batcave. Kate’s doing some rage training which is cool – but also weird because we never see her mouth moving while she speaks. Anyway, Luke (Camrus Johnson) pops in. He says he’s tracked down some leads on the Rifle’s victims and narrowed down who his target is: a scientist from Hamilton Dynamics. Before they make a move, though, Luke notices Kate seems off her game. Kate admits she’s worried Sophie might tell her dad she’s Batwoman. Luke asks if Sophie can be trusted and we get the first of several flashbacks this episode as Kate remembers some hot and heavy smooching. Kate says she used to trust her, so Luke pushes her to try again.

Speaking of Sophie! She’s over in Crow HQ with her hubby, Tyler (Greyton Holt). She wants to talk to Jacob in person, but he’s out of town. Tyler asks what’s up, but she won’t say, so, he changes tactics. He pulls up video from last night showing Sophie having some words with Batwoman. He asks if she’s working with her, if she knows who Batwoman is. Sophie denies both.

We move right along from one tense conversation to another as Mary (Nicole Kang) and Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis) are on their way to the divorce proceedings which, in case you didn’t hear, Jacob won’t be at. Because he’s upstate. Mary’s still super upset with Catherine (rightfully so). Before things escalate, Catherine gets a call and finds out a) Dean (the guy Mouse kidnapped and killed last episode) is dead and b) that the Batman killing gun is missing.

“We’ll get through this together. As long as we stay united.”

Later that night, Batwoman and Luke are tailing the Rifle’s target. They pin his location down to a parking garage, where the Rifle has a terrible hiding spot. Before Kate can go after him, though, a third challenger enters the arena. Although they tie him up, Kate and this new lady fight over who gets to bring him in. While they do, he runs off. Whoopsie! The fight ends and Batwoman’s opponent reveals herself to be none other than Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe), who apparently trained Kate. As an aside, if you’ve read the New 52, you might remember Alfred’s daughter actually being black, not white as this casting depicts.

Although the scientist escaped the Rifle, he couldn’t escape Mouse (Sam Littlefield). Mouse stabs and kills him in a dark alley while Alice (Rachel Skarsten) roasts the Rifle for not being able to do the job he was hired for. With the scientists finally dead, though, there’s no one capable of replicating their stolen anti-Batman gun. Alice says that it’s time for the Rifle’s boss to pay up – but he says she won’t get anything until the gun’s effectiveness is proven.

batwoman s1e7

In the Batcave, Julia tells Kate about the Rifle, who she’s apparently been tracking for quite awhile now. There’s a quick reference to the Batcave’s iconic T-Rex and Julia also, definitely references having sex with Kate. Then, Luke appears. Apparently an old friend of Julia’s, they catch up a bit, then Kate tells Luke about the last time she saw Julia. Long story short, Julia posed as a Krav Maga teacher, was actually just looking after her for Bruce, then caught feelings. Some very good Luke banter ensues as the trio agrees to work together, then time for another flashback. Sophie and Kate talk about how they should handle the academy being homophobic. Sophie’s scared at first, but Kate convinces her to tell the truth in an emotional scene.

“You have two assistants who work past midnight for a real estate company without any real estate?”

Then, cut to present-day Sophie. Kate texts her an invite to dinner at Alessandro’s, Tyler’s suspicion increases and Sophie heads out. At the restaurant, Kate grabs Sophie’s hands, telling her she needs to keep a secret. Before she can explain anymore, though, they’re interrupted by the owner. He tells Kate sneakers aren’t allowed in the dining area, but what he really means is he doesn’t allow gay in the dining area. Kate doesn’t put up with it even a little, while Sophie looks uncomfortable. Kate wraps things up by threatening to sic Mary on him, then leaves. Outside, Sophie and Kate argue about what happened at Point Rock. Sophie finally reveals why she didn’t admit she loved Kate – and this just makes things worse. Sophie tries to defend herself and the person who convinced her to lie, but Kate walks, justifiably pissed.

Then, it’s time to come clean as Sophie finally fills Tyler in on her history with Kate. He asks her if her feelings for Kate have gone away, but she can’t answer. He… does not take it well.

In Wayne Tower, Kate tells Luke and Julia about how things went with Sophie, then announces it’s time for Plan C – but, not before Mary walks in as they’re about to open the secret Batcave entrance. Kate redirects and Mary, feeling like she’s the only one holding the family together, storms out.

batwoman s1e7

Then, Catherine shows up in Jacob’s office. She’s finally put together who exactly the Rifle is targeting and what they’re after. Sophie chimes in and says they can track the weapon and that they have to if Jacob wants to protect his daughter; Batwoman.

“When you don’t trust anyone, it means you can disappear for four years without a single person having any idea where you. Call me sentimental, but I don’t think that’s a good thing.”

Acting on that knowledge, Sophie and the Crows make a move for the gun. Although Jacob should be directing the mission from HQ , Catherine has other plans. She stops in to make one last plea of forgiveness. Jacob smiles and we cut back to Sophie. She runs into Batwoman and tells her she regrets what she did at Point Rock, but Batwoman doesn’t look quite like Batwoman. Sophie turns around and – there’s Kate! In the confusion, Batwoman is shot straight into Do Not Reveal territory.

The Rifle, who’s failed at his mission yet again, returns to Alice, telling her that the gun doesn’t work. He tries to tell Alice his boss will be pissed but, apparently, Alice hates her so much she won’t even hear her name. After some vague threats, she tells the Rifle to scram.

In the Batcave, Julia apologizes to Kate about how she handled their relationship. It’s a nice moment, only interrupted as Luke reveals that Alice is behind the Rifle’s murder-spree. With that, Julia says she’s off to the Mediterranean– but only after telling Kate that it’s okay to trust people.

Over at Kate’s first real estate acquisition, she meets Sophie. Just when it seems they might work through things, Kate breaks it off, telling her it’s best they keep their distance. Big sad face. But, the dagger has yet to be twisted. Sophie heads back to Crow HQ. She finds Tyler and tells him all of her feelings for Kate faded long ago (probably not). They hug and kinda make up as Tyler gives the camera a Look.

batwoman s1e7

Thankfully, Mary, is there to brighten the mood. After Sophie leaves, she promises Kate that she’ll interior design the pants off of this property. Kate hangs a pride flag right across the street from Alessandro’s and says she’s turning it into a gay bar in a huge power move. Then, a short scene with Jacob followed by an ominous meeting between Alice and Mouse – and this week’s episode is curtains.


Batwoman S1E7 is, honestly, exactly what I’m here for; messy relationships and scandal, all wrapped up nicely with capes and cowls. Sure, there are some plot points that don’t make a whole lot of sense, but those matter a whole lot less in an episode where you’re too far in the drama to care.

See you next week, as Sophie definitely continues to ONLY love Tyler and harbor no feelings for Kate. Just kidding, she loves that girl.