Rebellion has announced the collected edition of their Paul Grist-led limited series Smash! The Broxteth Devil for December 2024. While a paperback will go on general sale featuring an Andy Clarke cover, the publisher also announced their webshop-exclusive hardcover variant fronted with an image by The Walking Dead‘s Charlie Adlard. The hardcover will retail for £19.99 (~$25), and the softcover will be £14.99 (~$20).

Check it out!

Charlie Adlard provides the image for Rebellion’s webshop exclusive hardcover

Smash! The Broxteth Devil collects the three issue limited series that saw a who’s who of iconic vintage British heroes, anti-heroes and villains participate in a caper across time. It was written by Paul Grist and illustrated by artists Tom Foster, Anna Morozova, Jimmy Broxton, and V.V Glass. The series was first published October to December 2023.

The synopsis:

“In Victorian London, when Janus Stark traps a demon in a stone idol he creates a prize too alluring for criminal masterminds to resist. Enter the King of Crooks – The Spider – who tasks his infamous Crime Syndicate with stealing the statuette.

“Thus begins a six decade-spanning adventure featuring a host of British comics’ finest heroes who must team up to ensure The Spider never lays his hands on the idol. From two very different 1960s secret agents – Jane Bond and The Steel Claw – to mechanical menaces Robot Archie and the murderous AI Max from The Thirteenth Floor, and villainous anti-hero The Spider and supernatural avenger Cursitor Doom, this is a series a whole century in the making.”

Andy Clarke cover for the general release paperback edition of Smash!

Rebellion regularly release limited edition 2000 AD webshop-exclusive hardcovers for their collections, often featuring specially designed covers that – arguably – look better than the general paperback release. It is regularly worth a perusal if you have your eye on a specific title coming down the pipe (or take advantage of the occasional sale).