Fix Rachel's Wonky Mouth Webcomicker Rachel Nabors (Rachel the Great, Crow Princess) reports that she needs $25,000 worth of dental surgery and orthodontics. She’s a freelancer with no health insurance.
But she does have a Paypal button. § Everyone is talking about Destination: Blog! § Author and comics scholar Dr. Kent Worcester gets the local paper treatment § Dan Vado is grumpy but also reveals a bunch of new projects from SLG in this panel report. § Oh
no they ditn’t!
Someone goes there and wonders if William Blake might have been a pioneer of the graphic novel:

There is also a corner of the exhibition devoted to pop culture tie-ins including an interview with Patti Smith, the chance to listen to four different versions of Jerusalem, and a clip of Gus Van Sant’s Last Days (2004) with its half-Blake, half-Kurt Cobain central figure. But could there also be something to say about the links between Blake’s experiments in integrating
word and image and graphic novels or comic artwork?

§ Charlie Jane Anders stalks Dan Didio:

If you’ve found DC Comics hard to understand over the past year, chances are it’s because of the multiverse. DC used to have tons of alternate universes, but they collapsed into one nice, tidy universe in 1985. Until last year, when suddenly DC had 52 different
realities to play with again. I decided to hound DC super-editor Dan Didio for an explanation as to why DC’s writers and editors are so obsessed with alternate timelines. Here’s what he said the second and third times I asked him, plus some info on multiverses in science fiction.

§ Oh this is so easy. Dirk:

Last weekend’s WonderCon saw the debut of the first episode of Marvel’s new Saturday morning cartoon, Spectacular
Spider-Man, a project that has clearly been in the works for quite some time. In celebration, Marvel’s publishing division has… cancelled its Spectacular Spider-Man series and folded all Spider titles into a single series, which is called Amazing Spider-Man and, despite being completely rebooted and retconned, will still bear little-to-no resemblence to the cartoon. After all, doing anything else would leave you open to charges of attempting to leverage the brand, or reaching for the “Naruto Effect,” or even
(gasp!) acting like a competent manager of corporate intellectual property. This industry really does deserve everything it fucking gets, doesn’t it?

Fact. § Quote of the day: Mark Evanier, via Ian Brill

“I was at Bob Kane’s funeral,” Evanier said. “There were only four people from comics there: me, Stan Lee,
Mike Barr and Paul Smith. A whole bunch of Batman toys were put into Kane’s coffin and they were lowering it down. As the Kane was being put into the ground Stan turned around to me and said ‘Steve Ditko was the best inker Jack Kirby ever had.'”  Evanier admitted that Lee didn’t have the best attention span.


  1. I met Rachel Nabors at HeroesCon last year. What an awesome person! I’m sorry to hear she’s having such a tough time with her teeth (the photos on her site are pretty interesting.)

    I’ve made a donation and will help spread the word on this!

    – Jim

  2. If you’ve found DC Comics hard to understand over the past year, chances are it’s because of the multiverse.

    Funny, I found DC Comics easy to understand when I was 10 years old and there actually was a real, infinite DC multiverse. It’s the constant post-Crisis reboots (and the finite, 52-universe multiverse is just another reboot) that have made DC’s continuity impossible to follow.

  3. Spectacular Spider-Man debuts March 8th kiddies with back to back episodes starting at 10:00A Eastern/Pacific 9:00A Central/Mountain on your local CW station. Episodes to air are Survival of the Fittest & Interactions.

    Sandwiched right in between a new Legion of Super-Heroes and the hour long season finale of the Batman. That’s a total of two and a half hour slam bang Saturday morning super hero cream in your pajamas action!

    I’ll be tracking the ratings for Spectacular Spider-man first thing at work Monday morning.



  4. Oops, I meant to say that my office will be tracking the ratings down that following Monday – not this upcoming Monday.

    I have to think two weeks ahead in this business and often I get S%*t mixed up.



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