It seems that Boom! Studios has joined the ranks of comics publishers getting a little VC pie:

The Los Angeles company, officially known as Boom Entertainment, has just taken a $600,000 investment from DFJ Frontier and the Gideon Hixon Fund, following a particularly successful January. At the beginning of the month, it featured the first printing of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy novel
called North Wind, on MySpace. The comic, a five-part mini-series that takes place in a futuristic, frozen-over LA, sold out in ten days at brick-and-mortar retailers and has since gone through a second printing. Note: North Wind was available for free online, through the MySpace promotion — people were willing to go out and buy the print version, anyway.


Newsarama has a few more details. It’s not like $600,000 is a staggering, staggering amount of money. But it’s a tidy investment. Although Boom! has had a few wrinkles along the way, you’d have to say hey have earned it with an array of good hires, readable titles, and generally upward movement.

UPDATE: Apparently, both the original story linked to above and the Newsarama article have some inaccuracies. WE’re being told by sources close to Boom! that the $600,000 figure is the cap of a potential loan, not cash on hand.