§ Matt High runs down the Post-Modern Garfield, including Garfield without Garfield, which results in the dark night of the soul kind of stuff you see above.

§ Val runs down the ever-diminishing chances of ever seeing a Batwoman comic.

§ T Campbell is interviewed at COMIXTALK

§ Jog and Leigh Walton talk about Sam & Max: Surfin’ the Highway.

§ Matthias Wivel has the “Hitler cartoons” which were recently “discovered”.

And if you believe that, I have this nice bridge to sell you.

§ Quote of the Day: Ivy McCloud:

Scott and Winter watched The Fifth Element tonight, but I opted out, and wound up spending a chunk of time helping Sky dye her hair green again. I don’t know why she trusts me. I hope it looks good come the morning.


  1. These are reminiscent of the Garfield strips minus Garfield dialogue that surfaced about a year or so ago.

    I think I like those better than these that do away with Garfield all together – but both are miles and miles beyond what is printed daily in the newspaper.

  2. Love that Garfieldless Garfield! Not since Five-Card-Nancy have repurposed comics panels have been imbued with such philosophical weight!

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