It’s a rare day in SoCal with high wind and rain lashing the area around WonderCon.

Which is not good, because apparently the Anaheim Convention Center leaks.

Exhibitors yesterday were offered plastic sheets to cover their tables in the event of leaking.

We’ve yet to see the damage at the hall. Developing.


  1. I was going to head down there with my family today, but there’s no way I’m driving in this rain, for what will probably take two hours. It’s to dangerous on our freeways, especially when it hasn’t rained in a while, and then rains this heavily. I’m hoping to make it down tomorrow, though.

  2. I attended the wondercon in the rain and it was great!!! lots of costumes and people… Rain did not stop these die hard fans. Love the atmosphere. A little crazy with a volleyball tournament and cheer leading competition all going on at the same time but what the heck…. all groups got along just fine. My daughter dressed as the dark pink Halo spartan and she had a blast taking photos with people.. will do this again next year.. Hope it stays here in Anaheim.

  3. Disney’s weather machine is very expensive to run. They only use it during their busiest seasons. This weekend is too early on the Spring Break Calendar to make it cost effective.

  4. what? they were no visible leaks in the convention center? this story is pure speculation with ZERO fact checking?

    there are BEAT staffers actually in Anaheim, right?

  5. Christopher’s reaction to rain is hilarious. Typical LA with the apocalyptic fears to weather.

    Took me about 45 minutes to get there from Culver City in the middle of the day today amid off and on, which is probably no different than what it would take if it wasn’t raining. Parking at Angels Stadium and taking the shuttle was a little lame but the shuttle was right there and dropped us off right at the steps. Much easier experience than Comic-Con San Diego.

  6. I have the same view from my hotel window!
    Oh, and BTW, earlier today, I certainly DID see a leak from the ceiling of the Convention Center!

  7. Interesting that WONDERCON’s move to SoCAL this year has some more typical Bay Area weather to accompany it…

    This Anaheim dew is just a little heavier than usual this weekend— CCI should’ve borrowed NYCC’s black trash bags from the Javits rafters to hold back the leaks?

  8. There was definitely some rain coming in over top of the booth, but we still had a great show!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth.