Rachael Smith has returned from her brief hiatus with Nap Comix, a new series of diary comics centred around mental health, new parenthood, and her cat Rufus’ not-so-secret admirer.

Nap Comix #4 (July 18, 2023), Rachael Smith

The synopsis of the series, which Smith has been posting on social media and Webtoons since July 15:

“Rachael Smith’s son Henry keeps taking very long naps on her after his morning feed. She has decided to try to use this time to make scribbly diary comics. How is Rachael getting on being a mum? Let’s find out!”

Rachael Smith is a British illustrator and comic creator best known for diary comics and all ages comics like The Queen’s Favorite Witch (Papercutz) with writer Benjamin Dickson – the second volume of which is expected to release August 22. During the pandemic, Smith’s Quarantine Comix were a popular relief from the period of uncertainty, and brought her to the attention of publisher Icon Books, who have since republished her crowdfunded earlier collections Wired Up Wrong and Stand in Your Power, plus her newest volume about her relationship with her father and alcohol Glass Half Empty. Smith’s diary comics have been a wonderful mix of occasionally brutal observation and charming humour.

Smith’s last foray into diary comics was in October 2022, during the popular Inktober creative period of monthlong comics making. There she covered deadlines, pregnancy and anxiety.

After a brief break, Smith (and partner Rob – with little Henry in tow), have also returned to the comic con circuit. Can’t stop the hustle!

Photo credit: Benjamin Dickson