British cartoonist and illustrator Rachael Smith has announced new autobio comic Glass Half Empty from Icon Books – coming January 5, 2023. Following on from her acclaimed autobio books Wired Up WrongStand In Your Power, and Quarantine Comix; Glass Half Empty will see Rachael dig even deeper in perhaps her most personal book yet – and in her own inimitable style.


The synopsis:

“At age ten, Rachael Smith was going to group meetings to help her handle her dad’s alcoholism. After his death, trying to manage her grief, she found herself with her own problematic relationship with alcohol.

“From the award-winning author of Quarantine Comix, Wired Up Wrong and Stand in Your Power, this is another extremely honest and relatable auto-bio comic shining a light on the realities of mental health with humour, warmth and insight. Rufus the cat (recent star of a New Yorker cartoon) and Barky, the giant black dog inside her head, are returning characters fans of Rachael Smith will be heartened to be reunited with.”

The last 12 months have been busy for Rachael. The partnership with Icon Books for the print collection of her pandemic Quarantine Comix in 2021 expanded with new print editions of her previous Kickstarter-funded books Wired Up Wrong and Stand In Your Power; meanwhile on the fiction front she released an Elizabethan setting kids comic with Benjamin DicksonThe Queen’s Favorite Witch (Papercutz) – for which more is on the way.

And that isn’t forgetting that Rachael has also found time to do daily diary comics for Inktober. Don’t forget to check them out!

Here is the cover and some of the preview pages that Rachael has revealed.

Glass Half Empty