The Comics Reporter’s year-end interview series is full of notable quotables, as usual, and spans quite an array of newsmakers and creators. I was happy to see Uncivilized Books’ publisher Tom Kaczynski interviewed because the company had such a strong roll out this year—Gabrielle Bell’s The Voyeurs, True Swamp, James Romberger—but did it in a way that made business sense, as this quote encapsulates:

I didn’t want to be a publisher that stacks up a lot of books in their house. I wanted to have distribution from the get-go…

Uncivilized forged a deal with the book distributor Consortium as told in the interview. Much more in the link.

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  1. Consortium is a great distributor. A number of the publishers it works with are moving more into publishing comics, such as Fulcrum. There will be more over the next few years.

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