Next month Oni Press will release Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe. The all-ages graphic novel is the debut for the creative team of H.F. Brownfield and Kayla Coombs. It follows the titular Quinnelope on a quest to discover why all the cookies in Pleasant Towne have gone missing. Today The Beat is pleased to offer an exclusive preview of the graphic novel.

Here’s how Oni Press describes Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe:

Quinnelope wakes up one morning to learn all the cookies in her kingdom have gone missing. Dun dun DuUuuUUuUUUnNN!!!! The bakery and grocery store aisles are full of cakes but NO COOKIES. What is a cookie-obsessed queen supposed to do?! Solve the mystery of the cookie catastrophe, of course! Along with her dutiful butler, Bub, and loyal companion, Star, the trio set out on a mission to find the missing cookies and restore these tasty treats to Pleasant Towne once again.

But their quest isn’t as easy as it sounds. Womp-wompppp. They’ll need to battle through a cookie-dough volcano, confront the chocolate chipmunk mountain, face off against egg-splosive enemies, and more in order to track down the missing Cookie King. Will Quinnelope be able to bring the Cookie King and his delicious cookies back to her kingdom, or will she be doomed to eat crummy cakes forever?

In a statement back when the graphic novel was announced, Brownfield and Coombs both spoke about the themes at play in the book, and about their collaboration:

“Writing this book was an absolute blast!” said Kayla Coombs. “Brownfield and I have the same goofy sense of humor, so each page was a chance to crack each other up. There were moments when we laughed so hard, we could barely hold our pencils steady! We had a ball drawing Quinnelope to life, and we hope you’ll find her just as hilarious as we do.”

“Quinnelope, Bub and Star are the focus of our series,” said HF Brownfield. “We wanted these characters to be relatable and hilarious. Quinnelope is big-hearted, wacky and imaginative with main-character energy while Bub is the ever-nervous planner and Star is the carefree, snarky commentator of the group. There’s something kids and parents alike can have a laugh over with this goody crew at the helm of our story.”

Check out the exclusive excerpt from the graphic novel below. Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe is due out in bookstores on Tuesday, September 19th, and in comic shops on Wednesday, September 20th.