§ Boom announced they’re making Over the Garden Wall an ongoing, via its KaBOOM! imprint, written by Jim Campbell (Star Wars, The Krachmacher) and  show writer Amalia Levari, with art by Campbell and Cara McGee. The series, based on the popular, cartoonist-employing cartoon, debuted as a one shot then a four-issue mini last year. Art above is a variant by Veronica Fish.

Each issue of the ongoing will contain two original stories. The first issue will explore the early days of the Unknown through Anna, the daughter of a Woodsman who is learning how to survive in the woods by herself. It also finds Wirt and Greg having escaped the Unknown, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten their experiences — and at night, Greg returns to Dreamland for more adventures.


§ Mike Baron dropped me a note to tell me that order on the new Badger #1 from Devil’s Due were on the low side. So maybe check withyour retailer to see if they are ordering this if you want to read the continuing adventures of the original batsh*t crazy superhero. The book comes out in February.

§ After some objections to its previous name, Stormfront Productions (né Bluewater) has changed its name to Storm Entertainment. Now they just need to fix their url. 



  1. It’s a shame that Badger didn’t get more orders, but the marketing on it hasn’t been that great. I remember finding out about it after the cuttoff date for pre-orders. I have fond memories of the original series and will be checking out the new one, if I can find it at my LCS.

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