With seemingly everyone putting on a comic-con, as business booms and it seems like easy money, we’re finding more and more people who bit off perhaps a bit more than they could chew, and/or got into things for the wrong reason. The alleged Kickstarter embezzlement at River Con, the co-founder squabbles at Denver Comic Con, and the problems at the El Paso Comicon all being examples.

And now Project: Comic-Con, a comics-focused local show held in St Louis has been cancelled for 2014. The founders explain why in this Facebook video but the reasons given include not enough time to do it right as it is basically a two man show. The website for the show has no information on guests and so on, so it looks like they didn’t get too far in planning.

I’m told this was the local alternative to Wizard World St. Louis and had more of a reputation for supporting the local scene than WWSL, so it’s loss will be felt. The video says they’ll be back in 2015 however, so let’s hope that’s true.


  1. It is the 21st century, so when you write “business booms”, that has nothing to do with the anyone reading this, as only large multi-nationals can actually ever receive any benefits from ‘business’/collusion/price-fixing/consumerism/bigotry. Like $4.00 + for a comic book will sustain a print market outside of the few in the near future that will be able to afford something new. Give your old comics away to any place where there is a waiting room, or to neighbors/friends/co-workers. VISIT YOUR LOCAL USED BOOK STORES, and save loads of money on graphic novels and trades. And also buy online, as there are many sites that can provide seriously low discounts %30 + off. As the economy worsens, and multi-national (they are NOT American or pro-family/health/livability even if the company is from or based out of the USA) corporations rule over us, there will be more and more embezzlements, people bankrupting businesses for their own gain, and scammers -how can you not scam a comic book collector, considering well over the majority of comic book collectors are really consumers who have no idea that they are speculation-based thinkers. If comics were not as over-priced and accessible to kids then I would not care, but damn if this market is not being turned into something only accessible unless it is accessed on-line -which means you will need an account to access the book, and the account activity/internet usage history/data mining is more valuable to enable and perpetuate, than not being able to track and influence our spending and culture if the print market was able to grow. Comic cons are over rated, crowded, filled with lines and more lines, and over priced food, and more lines, and over priced comic books, and celebrities and semi-celebrities that will not acknowledge that you exist unless you spend at least $30 on their photo/autograph. Why spend money on something like a comic book -the stories and character-based assets are based on christian-conservative red scare tactics (Comics Code Authority), the speculators bubble/bust (check out Max Landis’ “Death and Return of Superman”, for example), and homo-erotic power fantasy fulfillment????

  2. This is definitely a shame–Project:Comic Con was definitely an indie friendly con and improved a lot after changing venues. This isn’t the first time PCC was canceled, though…if I remember correctly, the first con was held in October 2010, then the 2011 con never materialized and the 2012 con was in the spring, then the 2013 con was in the fall again. If they want to just stay on an 18-month cycle, I’m totally fine with that.

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