Of late, Marvel’s Hyperion character has been getting a wee bit of a push. There were several Hyperion toys at Toy Fair and now an all new all different Hyperion #1. Hyperion started as the “superman” in the JLA analog The Squadron Supreme, and he’s had many realities, many versions and now he’s got a book written by Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath) with art by Nik Virella (1872). Could be worse.

But yeah, Hyperion will be a thing. What did I miss?

PS: love Emanuela Lupacchino!

“Hyperion is a man who lost his universe. He doesn’t belong anywhere. And as a result he lost himself and hasn’t yet found who he really is,” says Chuck Wendig in an interview with Marvel.com. “So he adopts America and its people as his children. But he doesn’t understand them, and this is about Hyperion going out into the country to find out who these people are. And, by proxy, who he really is, too.”
But corruption lives in the heartland of America. And Hyperion will root out the worst of it. Through the long nest of roads and highways and small strange towns – Hyperion travels America, posing as one of us. Helping people. Exploring. All in pursuit of the answer to that one question – what does it mean to be human?
Can he save these people from themselves? He has adopted humanity – but will humanity adopt him back? Find out this March as he soars solo into comic shops with HYPERION #1!
HYPERION #1 (JAN160734)



Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JAN160737)


Variant Cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO (JAN160735)


Black Panther 50th Anniversary Variant by KERON GRANT (JAN160738)


Hip-Hop Variant by SHAWNA MILLS (JAN160736)
FOC – 02/29/16, On-Sale – 03/23/16





  1. Didn’t they try doing this with the Sentry (the Sentinel?) about a decade ago and it went no where?

  2. Aha! He’ll be Star-Lord’s dad in the movie! “He was an angel…” – perfect Superman allegory!

  3. “Will Hyperion be Marvel’s next star?”

    Sure — about the same time Red Wolf becomes the next Jason Bourne.

  4. They’re at the point where they need to recast the big characters (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor) or find some new ones to build up. Never heard of this guy, but why not? That’s a hell of a belt buckle though. What wrestling league did he need to win for that?

  5. Well, someone’s got to step up and fill the blocked plans to integrate Marvel(Miracle)man into the Marvel Universe proper. Might as well be Hyperion.

    Will he be a star? No. In this role, he might be able to punch up to a B-lister for a time.

  6. If Marvel wants it to succeed…trust it will!

    Very likely he will be Starlords “movie” father or a sporting character in phase 3 or 4..

    I’m happy with the new Origin and Identity. Very well done!!!

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