History and comics often come together to educate or comment on society, but next week Action Lab Entertainment is showing readers it can have some fun in Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1. Yep, the guy who came up with the theory of relativity and wasn’t very good at math as a kid leads a band of heroes trying to stop the space-time continuum from unraveling in this pulp-style adventure. Check it out!



Writer(s): Marcus Perry

Artist Name(s): Tony Donley (Pencils/Inks/Colors)
Cover A – Dave Johnson
Cover B – Tony Donley


He’s got the mind! He’s got the might! He’s got the mustache! When history threatens to unravel, there’s only one hero to call: ALBERT EINSTEIN. Get ready for James Bond, Doctor Who and Han Solo rolled into one wise-cracking, sure-fisted genius. This is Albert Einstein as you’ve never imagined, leading a team of historical figures called THE TIME MASONS as they battle threats from the past, present and (possible) future.

In this time-hopping action/comedy series, Einstein matches wits with a brilliant foe that puts our timeline in peril.  Buckle up for a chase through the ages as the Time Masons race to save the world as we know it.


Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1 is in stores October 3, 2018. 

AE:TM Dave Johnson Variant