Image has a couple digital comics sales going on right now, so let’s have a look.

First there’s the “Image Recommended Reading Sale.”  This consists of Bitch Planet, Descender, Monstress (which had a very good year for awards), Paper Girls, Rat Queens, Seven to Eternity and The Wicked and the Divine.

You’re probably going to find a fair number of fans who say each of those is their favorite comic, but my pick of that set would be Descender.  The story of a young robot in a star system where robots have been outlawed and ending up right in the middle of a robot uprising is a great space opera by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen.  Sometimes gentler than you expect, sometimes very much not gentle and great art.  (Note: You want the $3.99 Vol. 1, not the $15.99 V. 1.  The more expensive one contains V. 1-3 of the regular number and will cost you a dollar more than the individual volumes together.)

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Now, if you’re looking for some unusually intricate art in your comics you have two really top notch options to scratch that itch here.  Monstress and Sana Tekeda are definitely having a moment.  Seven to Eternity also has Jerome Opeña really outdoing himself, too.

Image’s other sale right now?  Saga gets its own sale.  After all, it’s Saga.