Debuting earlier this year at CAKE, Ted May’s INJURY is already four issues in, but as there are not continuing story lines, it’s not difficult to just dive into the material. Still packed with tales of metal, weed, and wonderment, INJURY #4 is a mixed bag of delight, depicting those crucially teenage memories of smoking joints, greasy long hair, and listening to Iron Maiden. May dabbles in both writing as well as illustrating both chapters, along with help from friends Jeff Wilson and Mike Reddy.

“A Birdsong Shatters the Still,” by Jeff Wilson and Ted May
Early one spring morning a gang of teens congregate outside high school getting high and discussing Maiden just before going to morning detention. But can these addled young adults make it through said detention without garnering even further punishment?
“Blades of Grass,” by Ted May and Mike Reddy
Beast Biplane’s best bud Brat Fink wakes up hung over and must contend with arch nemesis Greg whilst cleaning up revellers’ wreckage from the night before. Meanwhile Beast must go mano a mano with a new, sick villain: Steve in Valor! And that’s just the start.

At only $6, INJURY#4 is another great reminder of the gems of the indie diy comic publishing scene.

Available for preorder through Diamond Comics and Last Gap in August.

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  1. Alternative Comics resumed operations in April, Jacob. Injury #4 will be the first new book in four years. Check the August previews for that and James Kochalka’s Cute Manifesto (offered again). The new Previews will be in stores tomorrow. Look for all the news on the relaunch in the usual places in a day or two. Coming in November is Magic Whistle #12. 2013 releases will be announced in August.