Last month, Image Comics solicited a new collection of Matador by Brian Stelfreeze and Devin Grayson. The six-issue miniseries was originally published by DC’s Wildstorm imprint back in 2005, but has never been available in a collected edition until now. Ahead of the book’s final order cutoff on Monday, Image today released a preview of the first five pages of the collection.

Here’s how the publisher describes Matador:

Matador is an explosive story pitting Lt. Isabel Cardona against a deadly serial killer in an edge-of-your-seat thriller that fans of Killing Eve and True Detective won’t want to miss. Dismissed as a quota minority hire by her work peers, Cuban-born and Florida-bred Detective Isabel Cardona makes no friends on the Miami force by insisting that a series of seemingly unrelated murder cases lead to an urban-legend contract killer known only as “The Matador.” Proving his existence soon becomes equal parts self-preservation and obsession—but how close to the dangerous Matador will Cardona have to get to make that happen?

Brian Stelfreeze’s afrofuturist art on Black Panther with Ta-Nehisi Coates has helped bring a new audience to the artist’s work. A recent reprint collection of Devin Grayson’s User (with artists John Bolton and Sean Phillips) has done the same for the writer.

Preview the first five pages of the collection below. Matador is on FOC on Monday, February 4th, and will be available in stores on May 22nd.