Since her reveal, Punchline’s moniker as the anti-Harley Quinn has all but promised a throwdown between the two laughing ladies. In this preview for Batman #93, that’s finally fulfilled. Punchline and Harley Quinn trade blows, while Batman and the designer cross swords in four unlettered preview pages feature art from Guillem March and Javi Fernandez, and colorists Tomeu Morey and David Baron, who continue their work on the series with writer James Tynion IV.

This preview follows DC’s recently announced Instagram prelude to Batman #92, which hits shelves on June 10. There, readers got a bit of a taste of what’s to come here, as Punchline remarks on how much she detests being reminded of Harley Quinn, who she recently replaced as Joker’s number two.

Batman #93 hits shelves and participating digital retailers on June 23.

Batman faces off with the Designer as “Their Dark Designs” nears its epic climax! In the last year, Batman has lost more than he could have imagined, and now he faces a cost so dear it will change the course of his life. And there is worse on the horizon. Amid all the horror, he can feel the drumbeat of battle. “The Joker War” is coming, and Gotham City will never be the same!

Batman #93 (“Their Dark Designs,” Part 8)
Written by James Tynion IV
Pencils by Guillem March and Javier Fernandez
Colors by Tomeu Morey and David Baron
Standard Cover by Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey
Harley Quinn Variant Cover by Francesco Mattina
On Sale Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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