AHOY Comics has released a four-page preview for Planet of the Nerds #1. The second title of AHOY’s latest wave of books is written by Paul Constant, with art by Alan Robinson, Randy Elliott, and Felipe Sobreiro, and covers by David Nakayama.
Here’s how the publisher describes Planet of the Nerds:

Three high school jocks in the 1980s are accidentally frozen by an experimental cryogenics device, only to be revived in the computer-driven, superhero movie-loving world of 2019–an era ruled by nerds! PLUS! A backup series explores the characters’ origins. EXTRA! Prose and pictures by the finest talents in and out of comics.

AHOY’s first wave of titles was incredibly strong, and the publisher announced just last week the release dates for collected editions of those books. The second wave launched last week with the release of Bronze Age Boogie #1, which John Seven described in his Indie View column as having “a frantic sense of fun, and the whole thing is just so good-natured that I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.”
Check out the preview pages for Planet of the Nerds #1 below. The issue is due in comic shops on April 17th.