What was that we were saying about Fall shaping up? Love and Rockets: New Stories #6 is coming out in October, and will undoubtedly be the talk of the town. Pre-orders from the above link get two special Los. Bros mini-comics. Since relaunching Love and Rockets with New Stories, a single thick volume released yearly, the Hernandez Bros. have been producing some of the best work of their careers. According to the blurb, the new issue centers on two newer caracter that Gilbert and Jaime are exploring, Killer and Tonta.

The cover shows Gilbert’s new star Killer in a pose and milieu that will bring back memories for long-time fans — imitating the hammer-wielding Luba in her adopted Palomar. That’s because Killer has discovered that her great-grandmother Maria (Luba’s mother) starred in a late 1950s crime movie, and begins to delve into the details of her family’s twisted history. Complicating things is the fact that Luba’s half-sister Fritz played Maria in an amped-up bio-pic version of her life, creating a postmodern alternate version of the classic “Poison River” which originally told Maria’s story (in a tie-in release, see the graphic novel version of this movie, Maria M. Book One)! In the other half of the book, Jaime continues to explore his intriguing new character Tonta: In “Fuck Summer,” Tonta is talked into joining the summer swim team but can’t figure out why the brand new swim coach knows her — so, with help from friends, she sets out to find the answer. Meanwhile, something far more sinister is brewing behind the scenes…

A 10-page preview was released which you can read below:

lrns6-preview 00001.jpg

lrns6-preview 00002.jpg

lrns6-preview 00003.jpg

lrns6-preview 00004.jpg

lrns6-preview 00005.jpg

lrns6-preview 00006.jpg

lrns6-preview 00007.jpg

lrns6-preview 00008.jpg

lrns6-preview 00009.jpg

lrns6-preview 00010.jpg


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