On the heels of FCBD 2019 and the debut of three new digital-first series from Starburns Industries Press, the publisher is set to continue producing series like Long Ago and Far Away. The fantasy series is slated to release a new issue each week, with issue #2 hitting ComiXology Wednesday, May 8. After the series is completed digitally, it will be collected in a physical trade.
Check out the first five pages of Long Ago and Far Away #2 below and be sure to grab a digital copy for $1.99 this Wednesday. To see a preview of issue #1, which is available now, click here.

Writer: Chris Mancini
Artist: Fernando Pinto
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: SBI Press
Once, Jason was the Child Knight, champion of Elvenwood. Now’s he a depressed comics shop manager and a jackass. But Elvenwood needs him again… Comics shop employees Marla and Phil discover the truth about Jason’s past as the Child Knight, and are horrified to learn that he refuses to return to Elvenwood in its time of need. Even if he can be convinced, their first step is to find the powerful sword he up and threw away—and the second is to learn to use it before the Witch Queen’s forces get to them!
Long Ago and Far Away #2 cover

LAFA #2 page 1
LAFA #2 page 2
LAFA #2 page 3
LAFA #2 page 4
LAFA #2 page 5