Acclaimed Locke & Key writer Joe Hill and Punks not Dead artist Martin Simmonds are headed to IDW for a killer new series, with color assistance from Dee Cunniffe and letters by Shawn Lee. The Beat has a first look at Dying is Easy along with an exclusive preview page. The 5 issue mini follows an ex-cop turned washed-up comedian, turned walking target as his jokes inspire some trigger-happy audience members.

Hill tells IDW that this series invites readers to join in on the detective work with protagonist Syd “Sh*t Talk” Homes. “Both as a writer and as a reader, nothing turns me on like that jolt of discovery, of revelation, when the scattered parts of a narrative suddenly click together to make an unexpected picture. That’s the thrill of a fair-play mystery, where all the clues are there if the reader is clever enough to spot them, and there’s a chance to match wits with the detective,” says Hill.

That is, if you’re not too distracted by Simmonds’ enthralling interiors. You can check out the Dying is Easy preview pages below to see exactly what I mean, but his and Cunniffe’s colors, complimented by some light line work, create a dream-like scene perfect for a gritty mystery.

Scroll down to check out the first five pages of this mystery mini-series, followed by one exclusive, unlettered page. Dying is Easy hits shelves this Wednesday, December 11.

dying is easy preview dying is easy preview dying is easy preview dying is easy preview dying is easy preview dying is easy previewdying is easy preview